If you are at all like me, you often have big plans to do a cute holiday themed craft with your little one when you see it approaching on the calendar. But then things happen and life gets in the way and all of a sudden it’s the day of and you forgot all about the craft! If this is you, I’ve rounded up a few simple and easy (but still adorable and fun) crafts for Father’s Day! And hopefully you’re seeing this with enough time to grab what you need and get crafting!

Handprint Crafts for Every Dad

You can do an awful lot with construction paper, paint and your cutie’s hands (or feet!). There are ideas for handprint crafts for every type of dad. Whether the dad in your life loves baseball, fishing, or grilling we can make a handprint craft to go with it! Or keep it extra simple with just their handprints and a sweet saying. Check out a few of these ideas!

A Gift That Keeps Giving

This next option would be great if you have slightly older kiddos. Have them put a favorite memory with their dad, or something they love doing with dad on a lego. They could each do a few to get the jar started this year. Then each year as they make memories together they can add more legos to the jar! If you don’t have legos you could certainly use small blocks, popsicle sticks or even sturdy card stock!

Check out the linked blog for more details on making this sweet craft.
Best Dad Award

This is another one that would be great for slightly older kids. Let them show their creativity by decorating a “Best Dad” award. You can use whatever supplies you have around like markers, Pom poms, paint, stickers, sequins, buttons, etc. and let them go nuts! You could have them come up with some other awards too- best bedtime story reader, best basketball buddy, best snuggles etc.

Finger Painting Fun

This one could be used for all ages! Who doesn’t love to finger paint am I right? Sure it can be a little messy but it’s a great sensory activity for little hands AND there isn’t a right/wrong way for it to turn out so everyone can enjoy. These are super simple! You just get a big sheet of paper, use painters tape to create your message (an adult would need to do this part) and then let the littles finger paint all over the paper. The tape will keep your message safe and when it dries and you take the tape off, voila! A lovely piece of art done by the sweetest little fingers.

Whether you’re a plan ahead mom or a last minute mom, hopefully these ideas sparked some creativity and will help make sure you’re prepared to celebrate the best dad in your kiddo’s life!

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