Nothing quite beats a homemade card to top off any gift you’re getting dad this year. The gifts are always nice, and a great way to spoil someone who means so much to you and your family, but those homemade gifts are the ones that are talked about and saved for years to come. They are also relatively easy to make in a pinch in case Father’s Day has completely snuck up on you too! This year instead of buying a card with some cheesy quotes inside, make one yourself! 

Your little ones will love having the opportunity to be creative and decorate dad’s card however they want. There are countless ideas out there for cards you can make, but I have compiled a list of a few of the cutest ones I have seen! These are all ideas so pick and choose what you like the best, let your little ones add their crafty flair and watch dad smile when he opens it up.

Grill Card

If Dad is a grill master this is the perfect father’s day card for him. You can either add cutout handprints, or use paint to place the handprints right on the grill. Pair this with some new grill tools or an apron, and your father’s day gift is complete!

Handyman Card

This particular link even comes with a template to make crafting a breeze. Simply print, assemble and personalize. Add a relatable quote, something like, “Dad you really MEASURE up” or “We love BUILDING memories with you!” – maybe even include a picture of dad and his little ones building together if you have it. So many ways to personalize this one!

Tie Card

It seems when it comes to “father’s day crafts” for some reason ties are always a go to theme. If this theme works for your family, I love this particular tie card! You can choose to have your little one decorate the tie, or use the tie questions template to really personalize things. I love it when kids answer questions like this about their parents, because their honesty and innocence creates the most hilarious and sincere answers! Truly a gift to treasure forever.

Flashlight Card

This craft might be best for an older child, because of the control and patience it takes to write on a plastic bag, but I love how creative it is! Your little ones will love to think they are pulling a fast one on dad with this “magic” card and it is sure to create endless giggles.

Coloring Cards

If you find yourself really in a pinch and don’t have time to get too crafty, simply print out a coloring card and have your little ones write a sweet message on the back. It might even be a nice idea to have your little ones color with dad, and create some fun memories together.

Those store bought cards can get expensive and sometimes they are too generic and just don’t work for you. I always love the idea of homemade cards and gifts anyway because they are absolutely priceless. If you are looking for more ideas to make for Dad this father’s day CLICK HERE for more adorable activities! Happy Crafting!

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