Have you heard of Lovevery? This Montessori based toy company is focused on empowering parents and their children to truly learn through play! Here is my honest review of the Lovevery Play Gym recommended for babies up to 1 year and the subscription based play kits that are tailored to babies developmental milestones in the first year.

Lovevery Play Gym

First, the design of this play gym is aesthetically pleasing and I love that it provided a dedicated space to put my little one that was solely devoted to them. When I first purchased this for our daughter, she was our third child so having something that wasn’t a hand me down was lovely. In the first few months, I loved that she would lay and could gaze at the black and white cards provided. Perhaps, the most beneficial part of this play gym for new parents are the informational cards that share ideas and developmental activities to do with your growing infant. This play gym is designed to grow with your little one and has sensory activities from newborn to 12 months.

Lovevery Play Kits

These are subscriptions based age appropriate toys that are rooted in the Montessori method that grow with your child. I began getting these for my daughter at 3 months and I love that the toys and educational resources are so well constructed that they have held up for my son as well. The bundles again contain books that cover how parents can interact and encourage development of their infant through the toys in the bundle. For instance, there is a color wheel that is perfect for engaging a baby during tummy time because it is both colorful and makes a pleasant tinking sound as it spins. Another one of my infants favorite toys is the ball drop, where he drops the ball into an inclined box and it rolls out. I understand that this begins teaching babies the idea of object permanence and also develops fine motor skills. All of these education toys create wonderful memories between baby, parents, grandparents, and caregivers. I truly believe these kits are worth every penny and make great gifts for new parents1

Lovevery Books

I believe each play kit comes with a book, but I love that you can also purchase them separately as well. These books are wonderful because they feature beautiful crisp images of other babies playing, eating, learning, and loving! My daughter loves the book “Max and Nana Go to the Park”, which comes in the 16, 17, 18 month box. I love that she wants to reread this book each and every night and that she is always concerned for Max when he falls and gets a boo boo. Montessori education is deeply rooted in social emotional learning too so I love that this is preparing my children for the years ahead.

Hopefully this honest, unpaid review of Lovevery will encourage you to invest in your child with toys that are open ended! I also love that they now offer Lovevery toys unbundled through Target for a more budget friendly option. This puzzle is a top pick for a great last minute gift! I’ve got my eyes on the Lovevery Blocks as a gift for my little man! I know they will be hours of fun!

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