Like many, I am sure you have a list of people you need to shop for this holiday season. The costs can quickly add up, and you may even find yourself buying a gift just to cross that name off your list. Homemade gifts are often overlooked and underrated – there is nothing that means more to someone than a true gift from the heart. I’ve compiled some creative and useful DIY gifts you can make with your little one, for that special someone this holiday season.

1. Handprint Apron

This homemade gift is also something very practical. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, everyone could use an apron while in the kitchen, so why not DIY one with your little one this holiday season? The color of the apron itself and the design you choose is completely up to you – I’ve seen cute reindeer footprints, handprint trees or menorahs, or a general winter theme used and each one is so personalized and thoughtful. This is sure to be one of those homemade gifts that is used over and over again!

2. Wine Bottle Candle Holders

You can be creative here and use a wine bottle, mason jar, or any other glass container (check out the dollar store!) as the base of this gift. The fine motor skills involved to make this candle holder make it a good project for an older child. The real candles are a nice touch, but battery operated candles, tealights, or string of lights would also look just as beautiful. I love this idea because it is something that can be kept out all year, and is not so holiday specific.

3. Lego Pen Holder

Your child may surprise you when it comes to building with Legos and how creative he/she can be. This is another gift idea for an older child to make, as toddlers might spend more time sampling the legos then building anything with them. Add a picture, maybe some figurines to represent your child and their loved one, and your practical, but homemade gift is complete!

5. Fingerprint Art Glass Magnets

Everyone has magnets on their fridge or on filing cabinets at work, so as much as this is a cute DIY gift, it is also a very practical one. If you have really small ones at home, you might not want to use these tiny glass magnets, but instead something bigger or easier to work with. Homemade magnet gifts can be as easy as turning your child’s handprint into something festive, putting it on cardstock, laminating if possible and attaching a magnet to the back of the design. I assure you, this is another gift that will be used all year round!

5. Sharpie Art Coasters

Coasters are another great DIY gift because it is something people can use all the time, and it is not too holiday focused (unless you want it to be!). If you have little ones, and don’t want to grant access to permanent markers just yet, you can instead add handprints, or allow some messy finger painting. Coasters can be left out all year, so you can be confident your gift will be used and reused.

6. DIY Wall Decoration

An easy gift to make for any age, this is sure to put a smile on someone’s face! Tape some letters or images onto canvas that you know your loved one will appreciate, make it unique to them. If your child is older and can handle painting, allow him/her to be creative! If your little one isn’t quite ready to independently paint, put the canvas in a large Ziploc bag, add paint to the canvas and secure the bag. Your child can smear the paint around the canvas, while also remaining paint-free.

7. Scribble Mug Holiday Gift

Similar to the canvas wall decoration, the same concept can apply to a mug. No matter how many coffee mugs someone accumulates, there is nothing quite like the handmade mugs from those they love. Add stickers to write out grandma or grandpa, (or whoever the thoughtful gift is for) and decorate! A gift like this is perfect, because it can truly be made unique to the recipient, and is something you know will be cherished for years to come.

8. Pom Pom & Pinecone Ornament

If you’re looking for a specific gift to go on the tree this year, there are so many options for handmade ornaments. You can turn a handprint into something festive, have your child make a small frame and add a picture, or reuse pinecones that have fallen to create this upside down tree effect. I think these would also look really cool if they were painted green, but of course the choice is yours!

9. Salt Dough Handprint Ornament

I am including another ornament on this list, mainly because I want you to have access to the salt dough process. You can use this recipe for ornaments, keychains, paper weights, or just small trinkets to place on a shelf or desk. I love anything with handprints because it is so fun to look back and see just how much that once small hand has grown.

10. Laminated Snow Globe Ornaments

In addition to the handprints and practical keepsake gifts, you can never go wrong when including a picture of your little one on a homemade gift. These snow globes are a great choice because you can also add an extra personal touch and use fingerprints to make the falling snow. If you aren’t looking for an ornament, add a magnet to the back and it works just as well!

While buying gifts for your loved ones can be fun, imagine the memories you will make with your little ones by creating something from the heart. Children love to be creative, they love to be in control and have a sense of independence – allowing them to make gifts for their family members allows them to be all of that, but while making something so special.

Grandparents would absolutely adore any of the gifts on this list, and aunts or uncles would appreciate something so thoughtful, you really can’t go wrong. Gifts like this are invaluable and something to be cherished forever. Wishing you and your families a very happy and creative holiday season!

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