It is common practice for family and friends to want to shower their mama-to-be with love and gifts, as she prepares to welcome her little one into this world. Traditionally, this has always been called a baby shower, but more recently society has adopted the concept of a baby sprinkle. Now, what exactly does this mean and are there really any differences between the two? Let’s discuss:

A Shower is Traditionally for a First Baby

A baby shower is usually thrown for first time parents, where there is a heavy emphasis on gifts and baby items. First time parents generally need everything, including high ticket items like a crib, stroller, or car seat. Parents who are expecting a second or third baby, most likely have a lot of those higher ticket items already. However, gifts can still be given at a sprinkle, but it might be baby items that need to be refreshed since their last little one, like socks, onesies, bottles, pacifiers, etc.

A Sprinkle is Generally Smaller

By smaller I mean less guests. I will say, while this is how society views a sprinkle, there really does not need to be any difference in the size of a guest list. The number of people invited to either a baby shower or a baby sprinkle will all depend on the mama-to-be’s family and friend situation. Because a sprinkle is often thrown for a more seasoned Mama, she may choose to not invite everyone, and great Aunts or distant cousins might not get the invite this time around. At the end of the day, invite whoever you (or the Mama) want to attend the celebration of this new baby, whether it is baby number 1 or baby number 3 for the family.

There May be a Difference in Registry Items

 I mentioned this above, but often a baby shower is thrown for a first time mom, so she needs all of the baby items! A registry for first time parents will be more involved, as these parents need everything. You will find smaller items like bath soap as well as larger items like a crib on these registries. Because a baby sprinkle is for thrown for parents who have done this before, they may not need some of those larger items. Some mamas don’t even make a registry for a sprinkle, and rather just ask for diapers and wipes. In either scenario, there are absolutely ways to spoil and show that mama-to-be some love!

Decorations and Games Might Not Look Any Different

 This is all personal preference, for either the host or the mama-to-be to decide what she wants. If mama is having a sprinkle but still wants an extravagant balloon arch and favors, then so be it. Maybe you are having a baby shower and mama wants to keep it low key with everything, that works too. There are no rules to follow in this category!

The main difference in a shower vs. a sprinkle is just dependent on what number baby everyone is celebrating. The reason they call it two different things is because for a first baby the parents need to be showered with gifts, but for more seasoned parents they may just need to be sprinkled with a few things here and there. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong way to celebrate a new mama, find a location that works for everyone, have some food prepared and surround mama with love.

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