If you are on the look out for some baby fashion trends to participate in with your little one then you have come to the right place. Baby fashion trends are constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up with what’s in right now. These are a few of the top current baby fashion trends:


Neutral colors are currently the trendy color pallet for baby clothing. The good thing about neutrals are that it makes mix and matching outfits super easy. Also, many of the neutral baby clothing that is currently available is marketed as unisex. Neutrals are perfect for saving as hand-me-downs for future children you may have.

Family Matching

I’m sure over the past couple of years you have seen many options for mommy and me outfits, but now matching outfits for the entire family are the trend…No one has to feel left out! Some clothing brands even having matching outfits for family pets! Your family can match at bedtime in some cute family pajamas or on vacay in some fun family swimwear.

Outfit Sets

Outfit sets are a current favorite baby fashion trend of mine. It is so nice to get two clothing items in one purchase. Also, you can pair the top or bottom with different clothing to make more cute outfits from the set. Most of the trending baby outfit sets are all about being comfy , which is always nice! when in a rush grabbing an outfit set is so convenient!

Retro Prints

Retro prints are making a comeback! The most popular retro print is 70’s style floral…the groovier the better. Retro prints are a fun baby fashion trend to enjoy!


It is all about knit fabric right now! Your baby will not only be adorable participating in this trend but also cozy. A personal favorite of mine are personalized knit sweaters for babies. They are the perfect clothing choice for baby announcement photos! Also, they are a great option for a keepsake.

Comment below what baby fashion trend is currently your favorite!

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