Seriously ever since my little man turned the big ONE his naps have been super short! I put him down in his crib and within minutes of reheating my coffee or responding to an email he would be crying and right back up! Well let me tell you the Caden Lane Sleep Sack came in the mail at just the right time and has me believing longer naps are not a thing of the past for my little man!

It was such a Happy Mail Day, when the Caden Lane reversible bamboo sleep sack I ordered for JB arrived! Seriously, I was willing to try anything because our normal go to sleep sacks (see my previous article on sleep sacks) were just not doing the trick any longer.

It arrived in the most beautiful protective bag and the first thing I noticed when I pulled it out was the buttery softness of this sleep sack. I also realized that it was slightly weighted, which I’ll get to why that is so unique and perfect for my little guy in a minute.

Baby Boy was eating his lunch when the mail arrived so I was excited to give this a try for his afternoon nap time. He was eating spaghetti that day so I followed his lunch up with a warm bath to get him all clean. I’ve found that even a quick bath helps transition him to sleep.

After the bath, I grabbed our favorite bamboo jammies from Caden Lane to pair with the sleep sack. How adorable is this “Bunny Love” pattern? I love that we will get so much use out of it all Spring and that he can wear it on Easter morning too.

I ordered little man the convertible jammies because he is walking these days so it’s nice to keep his feet out when he’s up and then flip the ends to keep him cozy during naps or at night! The double zipper feature on these is a lifesaver for diaper changes and the 12-18 month size I ordered is ideal. He is mostly wearing size 12 months, but he is growing so quickly this fit has just enough room for the growing I know he will do before the Bunny finally hops down the trail.

With the jammies and the sleep sack handy on the changing table I got little man out of the bath, dried him off in a fluffy towel and then slathering him in lotion! I put his pajamas on and then put him into the sleep sack. While in the sleep sack I nursed him and within just a few minutes he was fast asleep!

The weight of the sleep sack is ideal because I think it makes him feel as if he is still taking a contact nap. Don’t get me wrong I love, love contact naps, but sometimes I need to tackle house chores and work. I think the weight of the sleep sack made him think he was still being held long after I had laid him down in his crib or on the Dock a Tot, which I like to do sometimes too!

I was busy tackling my to-do list and quickly realized little man had been napping for 2 straight hours! When I say this never happens, I mean this NEVER happens! I checked on him a few times after that and could tell he was sleeping so well. I know the bamboo material of both the CL pajamas and the sleep sack help keep him a perfect temperature, which aids in his longer nap. When he finally got up he was so well rested and ready to play with his big sisters who were home from school!

I am already planning to order him another one from Caden Lane so we have a backup while one is washing. If you’re struggling with baby’s nap time or even bed time, I cannot recommend this sleep sack enough! Giving our babies (and ourselves) the gift of sleep is so important!

Who else could just stare at their beautiful sleeping babies all day? It makes all the chasing them around worth it right!!

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