Let’s talk baby monitors! From expensive ones with extra features to simple ones that get the job done, it can be overwhelming figuring out what works best for your family’s needs. Let me show you my personal favorites!

1. Lumi

Starting off with the one my family actually has, the Lumi by Pampers. A baby monitor was the last big purchase we made before baby was born and we only had a few weeks left, so we made a trip to BuyBuy Baby. While looking we discovered this monitor that was on sale and being discontinued per the manager due to lack of sales.

We couldn’t pass up a sale (originally almost $300 and purchased for $65) in addition to it having all the features we wanted. It is a wifi based monitor with an app for video watching. It has ultra wide video coverage, clear picture and sound and can be accessed even if you’re not in the home! (My husband works 75 miles away and had no problem viewing it a couple days ago) The ability to talk to baby from the app is also very cool in my opinion. All in all we like it a lot!

2. Kidsneed Video Baby Monitor

If wifi based monitors aren’t your favorite, I really like the Kidsneed video baby monitor. This monitor comes with a 3.5 inch screen, remote pan-tilt zoom camera and audio, clear night vision, two way talk, room temperature display, and a 960ft range. On Amazon it has around 1,757 good reviews and at a price point of $67 I’d definitely give this one a try!

3. HelloBaby Monitor

Going up a little in price, my next pick would be the HelloBaby monitor. This one boasts remote pan-tilt-zoom camera, infared night vision, two way communication, room temperature display and lullabies. It comes with a 3.2 inch screen and the range is up to 1000 feet! The HelloBaby monitor has around 17,427 reviews on Amazon (most of them raving) and with a price of $89 I’m a big fan of this monitor!

4. Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

If you’re a mom who wants it all, the Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring system is a good idea! It was voted the 2022 Babylist Best Does-It-All Baby Monitor and claims to be the all-in-one nursery camera you need. Included in this wifi-based monitor is the Nanit Pro camera, one Smart Sheet and Breathing Band, one year of Nanit Insights, and a multi-stand travel accessory.

This monitor gives you the capability of viewing your baby’s wellness, track sleep patterns, breathing and growth. It has an app to download and the video can be accessed from anywhere. Reviews state the camera is amazing as well. The breathing band that’s included wraps around the torso and monitors their breathing in real-time and alerts you if attention is required. The Smart Sheet makes it convenient to track baby’s height while in the crib! This monitor also claims to be the only computer-vision powered baby monitor that is safety-certified and approved by HSA/FSA. This is certainly an impressive monitor system and at a price point of $350 I can see why!

5. Owlet

Here it is, the Owlet monitor. I know, we all want one! This was the one I was originally going to get until we got the Lumi. Wifi based with an HD video monitor, wide angle lens, audio and background sound, encrypted wifi protection, motion and sound notifications, humidity and room temperature, night vision and two way talk. It has a 130 degree wide angle view and 4x zoom.

The video can be accessed from anywhere, which is a personal favorite feature with any of these monitors. The reviews are mixed on Amazon, but I had only heard good things about it personally. The price for just the monitor is $119. BUT I really like the idea of purchasing the package duo with the monitor and the Dream Sock. The Dream Sock wraps comfortably around baby’s foot to track their sleep trends, number of wakings, heart rate, oxygen levels, sleep quality and total hours slept. The Dream app combines the data from the sock and the camera to give you complete understanding of your baby’s sleep cycle. The package goes for $399, an investment for sure. But for some moms peace of mind has no price tag!

6. Moonybaby Split 50

And finally if you have more than one baby that needs to be monitored, the Moonybaby split 50 baby monitor is where it’s at. I have a good friend who uses this for her two kiddos and it works great for them! This monitor comes with a 5 inch remote display, two wide angle cameras, night vision, room temperature and noise sensitivity monitor, two way talk-back, screen split capabilities and clear video coverage with an 8 hour battery life and a range of up to 1000 feet. The price is around $159!

All of these monitors can be found on Amazon, read the reviews or look up the descriptions yourself! It seems like you can’t go wrong with any of these!

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