OMG! Where was this when my daughters were younger!! I recently purchased the TushBaby Hip Carrier after seeing a mother in the airport using it for her older toddler. As soon as I returned home from my trip I knew I had to have one.

You see my little guy is a STAGE 5 clinger and he wants to be held 99% of his waking hours, but even more so when we are out in public where someone else might look at him or attempt to pick him up. I have shared my love for other baby products with this community before and most of them have been items loved for well over 8 years. I love that this is a newer baby product that I never knew how much I needed.

I have now had the TushBaby for a whole month and here are my favorite things about it, in no particular order!

Perfect for Toddler and Beyond

When I initially bought the TushBaby I thought I would exclusively use it for my 15 month old, but honestly I have used it just as much if not more with my 3 year old. She sees her brother being held and she still wants to be in Mommy’s arms too. At home I’m constantly lifting her up so this has been a lifesaver for a “do it by myself” 3 year old too.

Augments My Carrier Game

I will say that I do not think this replaces the need for my beloved Ergo Carrier because that would be like comparing apples to oranges. I think if you are looking for something to help you be completely hands free then the TushBaby Hip Carrier does not check that box. And if I know my little guy is about to nap then I’m definitely putting him the Ergo for more support.

However, if you are approaching the TushBaby as a improved ergonomic way to hip carry a baby then this checks all the boxes and goes above and beyond with so many helpful storage features and adorable styles.

Easy to Get On and Off

I love that rather than putting on my Ergo this is quicker to put on and allows my little ones more freedom to get up and down when we are at a museum, park, or anywhere where it’s safe to let littles run for a while and then hold them again.

Truly takes the Load Off

When I wear the TushBaby out in public, it never fails I have other parents stop me to tell me that it is the coolest thing they have ever seen. On a few occasions if my little one is happily playing, I will let other parents try it on so they can feel how much relief it offers. I love seeing their reactions when they are astonished and excited by how much it really does help. I now keep it in my car now for anytime we run errands, go to the park, or event as a family so that my arms, hips, legs, and back do not get nearly as tired whether I’m carrying our 15 month old or 3 year old.

Convenient Storage

Have you seen all the pockets on this bag? I love the phone pocket the most because it’s a great way to always be ready to capture the memories and never forget where you put your phone if you’re out and about. I use the Large Storage pocket for a diaper and small travel pack of wipes, but it could be used for other baby essentials you might need without being too bulky.

So Many Stylish Options

I personally selected the Faux Leather pouch in Sand, but this was before they released the new Cognac and Cream styles that I am now crushing on! Seriously, I may need more than one for home and on the go!

I seriously predict the Tushbaby will become a new staple of baby registries along with the cutest Caden Lane Bamboo Waffle monogrammed knot gowns for baby boys and girls.

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