Do you or someone you know struggle with making friends as an introvert?

(Wow that came across as infomercial vibes haha!)

But seriously, I don’t know about you but I see myself as introverted, but can be extroverted when I want to. I am nice and personable when first meeting someone, but at the end of the day I need to be by myself in my home to recharge and reset. Crowds overwhelm me, and constant loud noises drain me. I can’t be the only one right?

All this makes it so difficult to make friends…especially as an adult…especially as a MOM. Trying to make Mama friends is HARD! And the ones who are relatable to your lifestyle or understand where you’re coming from as a person and mom, well they seem as fictional as unicorns.

They’re out there for sure, this world is too dang big for them not to be! Sometimes they don’t fall effortlessly in your lap, but that’s ok, it doesn’t make them any less valuable or appreciated.

Now I’m still learning this whole friend making thing as an adult, but a few ideas I have to meet people and fellow mamas are listed below! (Disclaimer, like I mentioned above I am an introvert so I know these things can be hard at first, believe me, I KNOW! But they can be worth it in the end!)


Sometimes your neighbors are more outgoing than you if you’re lucky and will stop you to talk. Our next door neighbors happen to be a couple around my husband and I’s age and have a little boy like we do. We chat sometimes but I envision when my baby is old enough to play they’ll be friends too.

Even if they’re not next door, go for walks and say hi to people you see! Take the baby in the stroller or walk the dog, even bring cookies to pass to your street as a nice gesture and conversation starter!


this can be a great place to find people to hang out with! I love our church, it’s on the larger side but has lifegroups (like Sunday school kind of) where you meet at various times throughout the week with your group. There are so many different groups too, ones for moms, dads, young married, different age groups, singles, trauma survivors, divorced…there’s hundreds of groups at my church alone and you are able to pick which one/ones to go to! Since having our baby we plan on starting to find one now that he is a little older.


I bounce questions off a mom friend at work all the time! If your spouse or partner works, ask them about their coworkers too! My husband went to paramedic school and met a buddy there, who then went on to work at a fire station and convinced my husband to work there as well. Now we’re all friends and get together when we’re able (live far away), have some kiddos between both of us and text often! We even just adopted puppy litter mates, so each of us has a sister pup!


Sometimes they have Facebook groups for the neighborhood. I’ve seen several moms say they just moved to the neighborhood and are looking for mama friends to hang out with or go for walks. Can be a great way to get to know some ladies so close to you!


If you’re someone who likes to workout and maybe goes to the gym, that could be a good place to meet like minded people! I know a lot of times people want to get in and out and not be talked to while working out, but there are those who meet good friends or significant others there! Start out with a compliment or ask for help if you need it, can definitely get a conversation going that way!


Go on social media (any platform you’re comfortable with!) and you can search for creators or people in your area, like or comment on their posts or shoot them a message. If reciprocated you can start out as online friends and eventually meet in person if you want! I personally met one of my best friends this way, and even met my husband (who I’m very obsessed with and is also my best friend) through a friend of a friend on a social media platform. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes you can get lucky with it!

These are just some ideas! It’s absolutely fine if they don’t work for you! Like I mentioned earlier I’m still trying to get the hang of making friends as an adult. What are some ways you have met your friends or ideas you have to meet people?

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