Sweet girl, how did we get here so fast? It feels like yesterday we were at the hospital anxiously waiting on your arrival. I’ll never forget the feeling of meeting you for the first time. I felt as though I’d known you forever even though we had just met. The past year has been full of so many new experiences for both of us, and on your first birthday it’s important to remember everything we’ve been through and accomplished together this year. From the first time you rolled over to those first tentative steps, I feel like every single day has been something new and exciting. In all that you have learned in the last year, you have taught me infinitely more.

The moment I laid eyes on you I learned a new type of love I didn’t know existed.

Our first few weeks together were rough between feeding you and lack of sleep, and in these moments you taught me selflessness and patience.

You learned to smile and giggle, and alongside you I learned to take life less seriously.

You started to crawl while I worked on being mindful and present.

You learned to make friends, eat real food, and play by yourself while I learned to let go of perfection and my idea of the perfect parent.

Sweet G, thank you for teaching me life’s most important lessons and for coming into our lives at the perfect time. You are my biggest joy, brightest light and greatest gift. Happy birthday baby girl!

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