Exercise has always been part of my daily routine. Fitting in some movement during the day makes me feel productive and focused, while also helping me manage stress and anxiety. I was able to stay active during my pregnancy and was so excited to get back into exercise postpartum. 

What I didn’t expect was how challenging getting active after delivery would be. Not only are you caring for a tiny human, your body may also feel a little different, and can take some time to get used to. With a little practice, I am finally starting to get into my groove, and wanted to share what helped!

A note: If you are newly postpartum it is important to remember that being “cleared for exercise” doesn’t necessarily mean you are good to jump right back into your old routine. Start slow and work your way back up to your previous level of activity.

1: Get ready for your workout first thing in the morning.

 When I get ready for the day, I immediately put on my workout outfit so when my daughter goes down for her first good nap, I can start my workout right away.

2: Make exercise more convenient.

If driving to the gym isn’t realistic for you with kids, consider investing in some at home gym equipment to bring your workout to your home. We have a makeshift basement gym so getting in a workout doesn’t require leaving the house. If you don’t have any equipment there are tons of options that don’t require anything!

3: Keep it fun!

 You just had a baby- now is not the time to add more stress to your day. Find an activity you ENJOY doing! 

4: Maximize your lunch break.

If you are back to work and are able, fitting in some activity over your lunch break is a great way to destress and also frees up time after work to play with your little love!

5: Keep It Short. 

Before Baby G came along, I loved getting in 45-60 minute workouts. Life looks a little different now, and that’s okay! Sometimes I get 10 minutes into a workout and then she wakes up from her nap. Be okay with shorter chunks of movement- anything is better than nothing.

6: Include your baby! 

Exercise doesn’t have to mean running on a treadmill. Put the baby in a stroller and head out for a walk around the block. You can also include the baby in other muscle strengthening activities.

Here is a quick full body workout you can do, all with your baby!

7. Find a time that works in your routine.

 I used to workout exclusively in the morning. Some days, Baby G doesn’t nap well, or we have lots of errands, and my workout doesn’t happen during the day. My last resort is to do a short workout when she goes to bed around 8:30pm. Even though it is late and I am tired, getting a little activity in before bed does wonders for my mental health!

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