You’re at your OB doing a yearly well visit and they ask the dreaded question…

“When was the first day of your most recent period?”

There are two types of women in this world, you either have your life put together and can remember the last several period dates, or you’re like me and struggle to remember what you ate for breakfast that morning. 

I was so tired of never remembering and also having aunt flow creep up on me every month, so I made my way to the wondrous app store on my phone to see if there was anyone else like me.

It’s true what they say, there certainly is an app for that.

1. Flo

I Immediately found and downloaded the Flo app. I’ve been using it for seven years now! I couldn’t say enough good things about it. It’s almost always correct and if it isn’t, my body just decided to be weird that month…gotta love irregularity. 

The dates are easily edited for adjustments to be made whenever and the app is always very easy to read and understand in my opinion. So much in fact that I never downloaded any other apps until today, to give you some more options besides this one!

2. Glow

My second pick would be the Glow app. Its calendar is similar to the Flo one and appears to be easy to read. Easily adjustable dates and can log symptoms as well. 

One reason this was my second option is because it appears that not all fertility apps predict ovulation, which is very important to a lot of women, myself included. Flo and Glow both do!

3. Ovia

Third would be the Ovia app. I’m a big fan of all the information about you and your cycle. Make sure if you download it you check out the “more” button on the bottom right. There are charts, trends, summaries and even a daily self care checklist. I don’t know if the more you log your periods the more it’s able to predict, but I noticed this one unfortunately I had to manually log ovulation, so I went to the Flo app for that info.

4. Clue

Next is the Clue app. This one seems easy enough to read but it appears you have to purchase the subscription before you get access to a lot of info. There is a seven day trial if your interest is piqued! But it doesn’t appear to predict ovulation, so keep that in mind while using.

There are honestly so many out there and I downloaded several more but ended up deleting them, just wasn’t a fan and I didn’t want to recommend any I wouldn’t use! 

All in all these are great options! They are all similar but still different. And all but Ovia appear to offer subscriptions/premium features you can pay for if desired. I use the free version of Flo and it’s sufficient for me!

Are there any other fertility apps you recommend?

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