I could rewatch this show over and over! I watched it for the first time when I was on Maternity Leave with my 2nd daughter and it was the perfect show to keep me awake during those super late night or early feeding sessions!

XOXO here are the names we are loving inspired by Gossip Girl for your little Girl or Guy!

Blaire or Blare

Just like the heroine of Gossip Girl herself, this name for a little girl is bound to be strong and sassy!

Leighton or Leightyn

I adore this name and I actually used it for my third daughter. I remember hearing if for the first time because of Leighton Meester the beautiful star of Gossip Girl!


Just a lovely name for a lovely lady!


Love the luxury in this name and that it is uniqeu!


Think of all the cute nicknames for baby girl from this name like Georgia, Gigi, or even Gina!


“Her name was Lola” anyone else want to sing when they hear this sweet little name!


This name is popular for good reason, it’s adorable and has so much opportunity for nicknames!


I’m all about short names and this one is just precious!


My other favorite name on this list because it’s so short, but so strong!


Maybe it’s short for Evangelina either way I love it!

Boy Names


This is a cute boy name if I ever heard one!

Nate or Nathan

I love this name for a little man who is likely going to be POPULAR just like the character on Gossip Girl!


Usually the name Chuck is short for Charles and I think either would be adorable and a huge nod to one of Gossip Girl’s most influential characters!


I love the spelling on this name and think that changing it up makes it a bit more foreign and interesting!


A strong name for an equally strong little boy!


Okay it’s a bit old school, but I think it could make an adorable comeback!


Maybe short for Bartholomew, this name is super cute for a middle name too!


A bit Parisian and I’m here for it!


Something about this name just makes me think this little guy might be a bit sneaky, but maybe it has to do with the character it’s named after.


Okay this isn’t an actual name from Gossip Girl, but rather one of the real actor’s names, but I think it’s too adorable and unique not to make the list!

I love (and hope you do too) that all that all these names have a bit of sophistication to them and would look divine printed on one of Caden Lane’s classic baby blankets!

I’m loving this soft floral above for a boy and this one for a girl!

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