This father’s day, your partner might be itching to play golf with friends or spend time in the garage working on a project. However, I find most dads aren’t looking for a break from the kids, no ask of a quiet morning in bed, or an uninterrupted nap or trip to the bathroom (you know, those popular mother’s day requests) – this is where the words of affirmation come in. Most dads will appreciate hearing that they are also doing a good job, because even if it isn’t always up to your standards, dads do try their best. We love them for that!

So this list of compliments, admirations, appreciation and words of affirmation is for you Dad. It’s Father’s Day, and you deserve it. Moms aren’t always good at telling you how much you mean to our family, because quite frankly we are busy simply keeping track of the family, but you are important to us, today and everyday. 

We Admire Your Work Ethic

Your long days at work don’t go unnoticed. We know you wake up early and work hard all day to provide for our family. You miss milestones or school events because you have an important job outside of the house too, and we know how hard that can be for you.

We Love Watching You Be A Dad

Our favorite part of the day is when you do finally get home and get to be fully immersed in our little one’s lives. You lay on the floor and play with cars better than mom can, and you don’t hesitate to dress up like a princess and have a tea party with the baby dolls. Watching our little ones smile and giggle with you, makes our hearts absolutely burst.

You Are Our Favorite Teammate

From the first night home with our first baby, to toddler years and beyond – we picked you as our partner and are proud of it. Parenting isn’t easy, and we need you here by our side. This season of life is busy, but it is nice to know we have each other.

We Appreciate It When You Take Out The Trash

Whether we asked for the second or third time, or you took initiative and did it all on your own – we appreciate it. We are thankful for your willingness to help around the house, because those small chores go a long way.

Thank You For Always Listening

Listening to our successes, our struggles, our breakdowns and our great ideas – thank you for just listening. We know some of what we say goes in one ear and out the other, and while that normally is frustrating, we do appreciate you just being there to hear us out. (But if you want to work on not having everything go in one ear and out the other – we would appreciate that too!)

We Love You

Three simple words carry such weight, and sometimes we forget to say them. In the chaos of the day, often we are simply trying to survive, and unfortunately that might mean our outspoken love and appreciation for you slips to the wayside. We don’t love or appreciate you any less, and we hope you know that.

You, Dad are an important part of this family. We are proud of all you do for us and our little ones, and we hope you feel honored this father’s day. Do something you love today and know how much we love you. Happy Father’s Day!

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