I don’t know how long the whole “Put a sign with baby’s name on it above their crib” trend has been going on, but I’m HERE for it! It’s very “In” right now, and makes their room just darling. I know they can be an investment piece, but you can definitely use them for years to come. I even used my baby’s name sign for part of our baby shower decor and it was the cutest addition.

There’s so many different options out there from different sellers. Here are my picks!

Round Wood Name Sign

This seems to be one of the more common types of signs to use in your nursery! I love how bold a statement it can make, no matter the size. I actually ended up using this type of sign in my son’s room and love it. Etsy has some fantastic sellers (at this point are we even surprised?).

I used the company House of Rounds on Etsy. It was very customizable, fast shipping and turned out perfect! I know there are so many different options of sellers to choose from, but this particular one charges per letter. I had ten letters total and the cost was around $80 with free shipping.

Cutout Nursery Signs

Ok these are adorable!! I’m obsessed with the look of these as well. The company Hickory Hollow Designs on Etsy makes some of the cutest cutouts. I also found them to be one of the cheaper options! They give perfect dimension pictures on their post to see what different sizes look like above a crib. I actually love this because not many companies do picture representation, and if you’re anything like me you hate having to find a tape measure and see which size works best.

The only thing with this certain item is it does not come painted or stained. They do however offer a paint add on on their site for an additional $40.

Another type of cutout design can be found from the company Two Avocados Signs on Etsy. Their sign is one large wood piece that connects the first and middle name, instead of two separate name pieces. I love how they have their own website in addition to their Etsy page, where you can create a mock up of the design you would like before purchase. You’re able to select the different font, stain, and color choices which is ideal!

If your child only has one name or you don’t want to use their middle name, Amazon has a great option starting at $20! I’m always surprised when you can get anything customized on Amazon, but this is a great listing with some great personalized options! The brand is 48 Hour Monogram.

Rectangular Wood Signs

If one large shape is more your style, rectangle signs might be for you! The company Mulberry Market offers such a cute design that’s completely customizable. You also get to pick the frame color. With 3 different sizes starting at $30, fast and free shipping…I’m LOVING this idea!

Alternative Crib Sign

I absolutely love the company Smallwood Home. They truly have some of the best, homey wall art you could find. They also have a customizable option if you want to create your own piece!

But if hanging your baby’s name on their wall isn’t for you, I think you’ll love their Kids+Nursery option on their website! Some of the alternative crib sign ideas could be their signs, “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be” or “Darling, the one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance. And live as only you can”.

Those are only two options out of many that are absolutely heartwarming! I know I’ve said this about all the sign options, but I adore this idea so much!

Did you use a crib sign for your baby, and if so which kind?

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