I have two true Winter Babies and while I didn’t pick their names based on their season of birth, I love, love this trend! Here are some sweet winter baby names you should add to your list!

Girl Winter Names

a baby girl wearing a jacket and beanie hat


This name is trending and for good reason it is adorable and makes me think of light during the darker colder months!

Crystal or Krystal

She will be just as unique as a Snowflake!


Destination names are just so fun and always create a great conversation!


Love this town and the little one who receives this name is bound to be equally beautiful!


Meaning “white, fair” this is a name that seems so royal to me!


Okay, my second daughter actually arrived during a snow storm and our doctor almost missed her arrival. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to use this name, but I love it most as a middle name!

Winter or Winny

This one might be obvious, but it will be unique just like the little one you name!


Made famous by January Joes, but this name would be adorable for a little lady born anytime during the winter months and beyond!


Love this name with a nickname Ember!


I’m just loving short girl names and this one would be lovely as a first name or middle! I’m thinking Ivy June or Charlotte Ivy!

Boy Winter Names

man holding a baby photo


Made famous by Kim!


This little one would be brave just like his namesake!


Love this name for a little man that arrives in the colder months and I love that he will likely be the only one in his Kindergarten class with this cute name!


Just like Park City, Utah a fun wintery destination. I can see this little man being an avid snowboarder!


This little man’s name is sure to keep your heart warm!


This name is unique yet it feels so grounded! I would also love it as a middle name paired with a true classic male name, like Charles or William.


Like Jack Frost, but who doesn’t love this precious boy name that is short and sweet. Your little man is sure to be an old soul with this name.


Meaning “White Field” this definitely gives cold weather vibes!


I think this would be a great choice for a little boy or little girl because of the strength this name invokes.


This name makes me think of a white Christmas and I love that it is a great classic name too!

Hopefully you found a cute name in this list or at least it inspired you to keep searching for the perfect little name for your sweet new arrival! I’m currently loving that so many names aren’t specifically boy or girl, but truly interchangeable just with some slight spelling adjustments! Once you’ve got the perfect name be sure to snag one of the warmest, coziest blankets to keep your winter baby warm!

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