It’s July, which means it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas Card! HAHA! I’m only partly joking because I’m here to let you in on a bit of a secret! Summer in my humble opinion is the best time to squeeze in family photos before the fall family photo rush. Here are my arguments for a summertime photo session and tips to make sure you’re prepared! 

 Photo Credit – Linsley Schneider Photography

Reasons to Love a Summer Session:

  • Kid Schedules are already Flexible – Honestly once school and extracurricular activities begin the Fall is busy, busy so it’s nice to check capturing family memories off the list early!
  • Summer Glow –  Trust me everyone looks a bit better with that summer tan!
  • Sunsets – Golden hour is just more magical in the summer!
  • Less Busy Time for Photographers – Your photographer should appreciate you scheduling early versus during their busy fall season. But what about fall minis? Ask your photographer if they can extend this offer to the summer too.
  • Allows you more time to order cards – I usually order from Shutterfly or TinyPrints and both of these sites offer specials such as free cards or heavy discounts early so you not only have more time but can also save money!


  Photo Credit – Linsley Schneider Photography

Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Session!

  • Find a photographer whose style you already like – It’s hard for both you and the photographer to try to create a style that just isn’t yours or theirs. 
  • Schedule early – If your goal is photos for a special milestone birthday for your child or Christmas cards then work with your photographer early to allow time for weather delays and/or editing time. 
  • Select one outfit and build from there –  I usually start with what I will wear because finding a dress or outfit I like seems to be the hardest. Then from there, I select coordinating outfits for my children and husband. For our upcoming beach pictures,  I fell in love with this gauze bubble for my son so I am actually building the rest of our outfits around his.
  • Don’t come hungry – Trust me no one does well for photos if they are hungry. So plan to feed your baby, kids, yourself, and partner before the session. Having a few goldfish or fruit snacks on hand during the session is also a great idea!
  • Don’t forget a potty break – There is nothing worse than being far from a bathroom in a field, park, or on the beach for your photo session and having your little one say, “I’ve got to pee!” So take my hard-learned advice and make sure to do one more check before you leave the nearest potty!
  • Get ready to have fun! – The best pictures happen when you’re having fun with those you love. 
  Photo Credit – Linsley Schneider Photography

Capturing family pictures whether for Christmas cards or just for memories can be stressful, but if you follow these tips and tricks I honestly think you will all enjoy it! After your session, celebrate and make one more memory by enjoying an ice cream outing as a family!! My kids now associate photo sessions with ice cream and I promise it makes them look forward to this yearly event.

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