I love holidays and themed days and any excuse to celebrate and create magic with my children! But sometimes I feel like I’m on a hampster wheel of doing more and going bigger. Each month it’s a different basket and more stuff to buy from Easter to St. Patty’s Day and all the way to the 4th of July. It can feel overwhelming to keep up!

So why not skip the big Easter baskets this year? Hear me out…

white and pink rabbit figurine on brown woven basket

While the baskets are cute and Pinterest worthy and everyone on Instagram is sharing their perfectly styled finds, what is really in them? Cheap toys that will soon be in the trash. Candy that your kids don’t need. Fake grass that will get caught in your vacuum cleaner… the list goes on but rarely includes anything worth having in your house.

As the keeper of my home, the one who has to clean up each night, and the one who has to deal with the fallout over broken toys, I try to be very intentional with the things that I allow to take up space and energy in my home.

But how will you create magic?

While gifts and goodies are always exciting for a child, they are almost too easy of an option. They don’t last long and you probably put more energy into choosing them than your child does enjoying them.

Holiday magic does not just have to be about getting, it can also be about doing or being. Something simple like making a special breakfast together or planning a family day activity. It can even be about connecting at home as a family and talking about the meaning and origins of the holiday and it’s traditions! When did Easter become about eggs and baskets anyway? Your kids might love to learn that information!

If a basket full of fun Easter goodies is something that brings you joy and you just love to see the thrill on your children’s faces when they receive them, then go on, Mama! Make that basket and share it in all its glory!

But if you’re like me and those things caused you to stress, and clog up the flow of your home, please feel free to skip them!

Keep it simple this year

This year, instead of a basket full of junk, we are prioritizing a calm and peaceful day focusing on family. Our plans are to put on a pair of cute matching PJs, play a fun family game, enjoy a small treat, and celebrate this Easter in simplicity.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Easter!

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