I remember my Mother so clearly at one of my baby shower’s for my first daughter saying, “I had to get the baby car seat that will bring my first grandbaby home in!” I had been thinking about car seats all wrong up until that point! I had been obsessing over registering for the trendiest or cutest pattern car seat when I realized that SAFETY should be my top priority. I registered for my first car seat back in 2014 and the Britax B-Safe 35 was highly rated for both safety and as an economical option at the time. Fast forward to 2023 and so much has changed in the carseat market, but it’s amazing to me that the Britax B-Safe Gen2 is still on the Good Housekeeping Top 10 List for best infant carseats.

Here are some other reasons I have loved sticking with Britax as our family’s go to car seat brand:


There are so many brands on the market today that offer high safety ratings, but at an astronomical price! While I certainly don’t think you could ever put a price tag on your child’s safety I do believe families should stick within a budget that works for them. For my family the Britax car seat across all stages offered the safety level and affordability we sought.

Grows with our Family

I also love that the Britax car seats are highly rated not only in the infant seat, but in the convertible car seat and eventually the booster. Honestly with a soon to be 8 year old I now have the hindsight to really see how little time babies spend in the infant carrier and how long they spend in the larger car seat and eventually the boosters. My soon to be 8 year old still uses the booster seat with a back on it and she never complains about it being uncomfortable.

Safety First

I love that Britax’s logo is “Safety You Can Trust”! While it’s all good to have the trendiest stroller, just like my Mom’s words reminded me, the most important factor to any car seat is SAFETY and I love that it is top of mind with all Britax products. I love the detail around innovation and safety the Britax website offers new parents. I also vividly remember having my car seat installed at the hospital before heading home with baby and the police officer conducting the check complimented our car seat saying he loved the ease of installation and the level on the side that helped indicate the car seat’s proper installation.

Finally perhaps my favorite feature about the Britax car seat systems that first time buyer’s may not know to look for is….

Ease of Cleaning

Trust me as a Mom to four this is key! Car seats get incredibly messy. Whether you have a newborn with a blow out, a toddler who drops all their cheerios, or even a big kid who’s chocolate milk just happens to explode, you will love that the Britax car seat brand has ease of cleaning in mind. For the Britax car seats all the covers come off very easily for machine washing and line drying. I have always been able to find helpful YouTube videos about reapplying covers after washing them if I’m a bit confused and I love that Britax really has a strong following and passionate consumers like me!

Today the car seat market offers more variety, but I love that Britax offers consistency. When I was welcoming my son around this time last year I realized that the infant car seat I had used for my daughter’s was about to expire and while I could have easily reached for a fancy car seat with so many new accessories or even the ability to transform into a stroller, I was loyal to the car seat brand that had brought my three baby girls home safely. While this brand may not be for everyone, I hope this article helped those in the market for a new car seat think through things that might be important for them now and down the road!

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