A year ago I would have never guessed I’d be writing on this topic. I’ve always been obnoxiously goal- driven. I have a masters and doctorate degree that cost a lot both in time and money, and I always told myself that no matter what, I’d continue to work full time.

Then Came Baby

As most of you reading this know, having a baby turns your whole world on its axis. Everything you THOUGHT you knew about life shifts, up becomes down and you question everything. This may not have happened for me immediately, but about a year postpartum I started to question what was most important to me and what would serve our family the best.

I’m good at my job, I ADORE my team, and as far as a job goes I feel blessed with an amazing role at a good company. While I had more flexibility than most do, the one thing that my full-time job couldn’t provide for me was more time with my daughter. As her first year flew by, I realized this was something I was desperate for.

The Cost of Working

Working full-time requires full-time childcare, and it is expensive. We spent over $1200 a month on daycare alone. We’d pay if she was home sick, were on vacation or just wanted to take a weekday off to go to the zoo.

On top of the actual cost, it cost us in time. By the time we’d pick her up in the evening and get home we’d have about three hours with her before she went to bed. THREE HOURS in an entire day I could snuggle and play with my little girl. It wasn’t nearly enough.

Things Change

As someone who always voiced that I would consider to work five days a week, I sometimes feel like I’m letting myself down by deciding to make this change. The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it started to sound. As a mom, and as an adult in general, it’s important to know that we can change our minds. As we learn and grow, our ideas, philosophies and dreams can pivot and its OKAY. Before you have a baby, you have NO CLUE what being a parent is like. If you are like me, finding yourself pivoting and learning and growing as a mom, you are doing it right! We’re supposed to learn and grow with each new experience.

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