For those of you that are having your second (or third or fourth…) baby, it can feel a little confusing deciding if you should register at all and if you do, what to even put on it. After all, you already have a fair amount of baby stuff so it feels like you shouldn’t need much right? And you may not be planning a shower this go around so a registry can feel unnecessary.

But here’s why I’m still creating a registry for baby #2. While I don’t plan to have a shower, there are some things I know we want. And by creating a registry for those items, I’ll be able to cash in on the registry discount to purchase them! Also, despite not having a shower, I know some people will still ask for suggestions of things to get us like the grandparents or our close friends and this way I have a place to send them to be sure we’re gifted the things we actually need/want. I’m opting for an Amazon registry for this baby because I like the discount and ease of ordering/returning. I’ll also be keeping a wishlist on my phone for items I’m wanting that aren’t available on Amazon- mostly the personalized things.

So what do you actually need to think about for a second baby? Here’s what we’ve come up with for ours!

A Double Stroller/ Stroller Wagon

This may depend on your lifestyle as well as the age gap between your kiddos but we’re about to have 2 under 2 so I know we’ll want a double option of some sort. There are some great choices for double strollers, and while many will run you a pretty penny to purchase new you could also consider looking in your local buy/sell groups to buy used. Or use that handy registry discount for this more big ticket item. A few of the most popular options for doubles are The Mockingbird, Uppa Baby Vista and Baby Jogger City Mini, but there are so many to choose from so shop around!

We are going the stroller wagon route. We have a great single stroller, and our little guy does walk plus I have plenty of baby carriers so I know we’ll have options when just doing walks in the neighborhood or around Walmart. But for bigger adventures we like the idea of a stroller wagon because of it’s more long term use- when a kiddo may be ready to be done with the stroller, they’ll probably still be up for a wagon ride. Plus storage when no one needs a ride! We chose this Jeep option. I liked the space it offered, the canopy and the fact that it comes with a car seat adapter so the infant seat can pop right in, in the early days!

Sleep Space

This may not be a needed new purchase for you but I decided to get a new bassinet for this baby. I borrowed for my first, therefore I don’t have that bassinet anymore, so a new space for baby to sleep was important. I’m going with the Halo flex as a great affordable option that has the drop down side feature I was looking for and can be right up next to our bed.

If you don’t need or want a new bassinet, you may still need to consider a sleep space if your crib is still in use by a sibling or if the pack n’ play has been worn out.

Nursery Items

There were a few things for the nursery that I knew we’d need because our other child is still quite young and uses some of these things still. Additionally, we’re having a different gender this time around so there are some tweaks we’re making to the decor also. So we’re adding…

A second camera for our monitor- we love the Eufy Monitor

A second sound machine- we have a Yogasleep Dohm which has been great, but this time we’re registering for a Hatch. Because this one has some extra features like the ok to wake setting and storytelling features, this will become our oldest’s sound machine and we’ll keep the simpler DOHM for the new baby.

New Crib Sheets- I’ll add a set of these to our Amazon registry and some of our absolute favorites from Caden Lane to the wishlist I keep on my phone. Seriously, the Caden Lane are so buttery soft, and our my absolute favorite! But I like to have a few different options since these get changed pretty frequently.

New Wall Art

I haven’t chosen this yet but know it’s a must. We currently have train prints up for my son, but will be switching those out for something more feminine. I’m currently planning to choose from some of the gorgeous digital floral prints Caden Lane offers. Or maybe some of the fun wallpaper choices for an accent wall!

Feeding/Nursing Supplies

I plan to breastfeed again, but we also do some pumped bottle feeds. So there were a few items I wanted to have refreshed or replenished.

New parts for my current pump…they wear out over time and I want it working good as new!

A new wearable pump- this item I will probably get through insurance rather than my registry but I also added one to my registry just in case. I didn’t use or feel the need to have one with my first but with an active toddler to keep up with this time around I think being hands and cord free will be helpful. This is the one I’m registering for, but pumping needs vary for everyone so you may want to shop around!

Milk storage bags, breast pads and nipple cream- all items to be replenished.

New bottle nipples (or you could get entirely new bottles).

Some new nursing bras. I liked mine ok but want to invest in a few new ones as well. I’ve got this one on my registry after getting some recommendations from friends. I love that it still looks like a pretty and feminine bra but also allows for nursing.


We still have one in diapers but obviously we’ll need the smaller sizes so we’re registering for newborn diapers. If you’re over kiddo is out of diapers (woohoo!) you might also consider adding wipes to your registry. We have plenty of those!

We get our diapers at Costco usually but they don’t carry the newborn size. I loved these Huggies Special Delivery with my son- they are so soft and cozy! Plus we got a great fit.


As I mentioned earlier, we’re having a different gender this time. I’m also due in the winter as opposed to my first being a summer baby so seasonally I may need some different items. I’ll probably add a few basics to my registry in terms of clothes. Things like zipper sleepers, fleece jammies, and long sleeved body suits and some snuggly booties. I’m extra excited about these new knit sweater bubble rompers from Caden Lane. Now just to decide on a name to personalize it!

Whether you need 3 things or 30, I recommend making yourself a registry or at the very least a wishlist. It will help keep you organized, make it more likely you’ll get what you need and hopefully get it at a discount!

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