As a soon-to-be mom of three, I have tried countless baby items. Some products are must have baby items, others are personal preferences and a few just aren’t necessary. I want to share five trending products and whether I will purchase them for baby number three or if they are popular for a good reason!

Baby Shusher

This is one of those items that I randomly bought one night when I couldn’t sleep around 39 weeks pregnant with my first child and can honestly say I’m so glad I did. It is a small sound machine that I have packed in my hospital bag for each baby and it has worked perfectly! When we are home we use it to help soothe our babies if the normal sound machine isn’t cutting it. Trust me it will save you from having to say shush a million times and dry your mouth out! 

Fun fact I didn’t know until I was pregnant with my first, is that we shush babies because that sound reminds them of being in the womb. The shush sound comforts them and is familiar.

Baby Shusher is a yes in my book! You can get it on Amazon here, so you can have it ASAP!

Diaper cream Applicator (spatula)

This one will honestly depend on what kind of diaper cream you are using and is just preference. With my first and second I never bought one and didn’t see the need for one because I just used my hands or a diaper cream top applicator ( like this one), it goes on in place of the regular top to Destin, etc. When my second child developed a rash that no other diaper cream would get rid of I did some mom research and saw a lot of recommendations for triple paste. After trying it out, not only did it work, I no longer wanted to buy any other diaper rash cream. All this to say with triple paste the best way to apply it is with a diaper cream spatula which I’ve since purchased and will continue to purchase! Grab triple paste here and grab your diaper cream spatula here, you are going to need them both.

Wipe Warmer

Some moms may disagree and that’s okay but I would not waste my money on a wipe warmer. Your baby and toddler can have cold wipes on their butt, I said it! Honestly, it was not something that was ever on my radar as a need for any of my kids. If you are on the go they are going to be wiped with cold wipes and anytime you aren’t at home. For me, it is just one more thing you have to worry about refilling each day because babies and toddlers go through so many wipes! I’d say it’s not a necessary item but if you want your baby to have warm wipes that’s okay too!

Hatch sound machine

A sound machine is a must-have item! The hatch sound machine is great because it not only does white noise it also has other sounds, and lights. You can also control it from the app on your phone. We love it because if we need to go into the baby’s room at night we can turn on the red light and not disturb their sleep with bright white lights. You can also have different settings that you can choose from already preset. All you have to do is touch it on top. If you are carrying a child into their room all you have to do is tap the top and it turns on which is amazing in my book! For us, it is a must-have item and truly the best.


You may have seen the NoseFrida and been slightly grossed out by the thought of it, I still am as a mom of three. Although somewhat gross the NoseFrida works, my kids do not like it and when they were very sick I opted for the electric NoseFrida and it was amazing! So whether you opt for the traditional NoseFrida or the electric, these are a must-buy item! Here is the traditional one and then the electric that you can easily get on Amazon. You should also check out any of the Frida baby or mom Frida items, they are all great.

Ultimately purchasing or adding these items to your registry is all up to personal preference. As a mom of three hopefully my opinion and experience are helpful to any new moms out there not sure if these trending items are the best of the best, must-haves.

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