If you’re a mama-to-be, you’re likely starting to think about getting photos taken of your growing belly. Each year, it seems there are new maternity photo trends that take the internet by storm. Here are some of the top maternity photo trends of 2022 thus far.

Casual Matching Outfits

A trend we’re seeing a lot this year is more casual maternity shoot outfits as opposed to fancy dresses and fits. In particular, women are wearing clothing such as white button-down shirts and a pair of jeans, with their partner wearing the same outfit. So simple yet so impactful, and there’s just something so special about mom and dad matching!


black and gray silhouette maternity photo

While this type of maternity photo may not be a new concept, it is one that has really become popular this year. These photos are shot against a source of light and the sharp contrast of the subject from the background make these photos absolutely stunning!

Belly Kisses

This 2022 trend is one of our absolute favorites, and for good reason! Nothing captures a father’s love more than a sweet belly kiss.. These intimate photos make such sweet memories for years to come!


Whether you opt for real flowers outdoors or faux indoor flowers, these props are an easy way to add some class to your maternity photos in 2022. You can even match your outfit to the floral scene for an even more feminine look!

Wet Look

You either love it or hate it, but there’s no doubt that wet look maternity photos are IN right now. Complete your look with a flowy dress and let your photographer guide you. The natural look of these photos make them a popular choice for pregnant mamas in 2022.

We hope these maternity photo trends gave you some inspiration for your photoshoots this year! Which one of these trends is your favorite?

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