It’s Summertime still, despite the fact that all the retail stores want us to think it’s Fall, so here are five girl and boy summer-inspired baby names that I am loving.

Summer Inspired Girl Names:

Seriously this one is obvious, but I love that this name will always sound sunny and youthful.
This flower blooms well into summer and I love that this name instantly makes me think of something beautiful.
I think vintage names are making a comeback for both boys and girls and this one could have the cutest nickname by just adding “bug”. 
My favorite place to spend my summers is at the Lake and a while ago I heard a girl say her name was Lakelyn and I fell in love with its uniqueness.  It literally means “Beautiful Lake”. 
I think this is the sweetest name and makes me think of someone very independent. It’s also the name Kristin Cavallari chose for her daughter.

Summer Inspired Boy Names: 

We are all a bit more golden in the summer and this name gives me a warm summery vibe for a boy. 
My own little man in John Brooks and I love that this name conjures up the lovely sound of a babbling summer brook. 
Honestly this is a top name right now for good reason Beau means beautiful and aren’t summers just that…beautiful?
I love that this name instantly makes me think of the water and would fit a strong little man with how powerful rivers can be. 
Did anyone else watch Baywatch? This name makes me think of a character from that show and honestly, it was eternal summer there so this name will always make me think of summertime.

Are you having a summer baby? Find any names in this list you would like to use as a first or middle name? Planning to name your baby something seasonal? Be sure to check out all the beautiful, personalized options CL offers for your little one no matter your name choice!

I’m excited to share some more seasonal names as we move through the year!

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