That newborn stage was filled with cuddles, sweet baby noises, sleep deprivation and countless diapers. The baby stage was filled with laughter, celebrating milestones, messy floors and even messier faces. The toddler stage is filled with all of that love and laughter too (as well as messy floors and faces) but it is also filled with questions. Questions not only from my toddler about how the world works around her, but questions from me to her, about what in the world is going on in that adorable little head of hers. 

This toddler stage, while wonderful, is also different. Very different then the scrunched up newborn stage and very different then the immobile happy baby stage. Toddlers man, they will make you stop and think. I find myself looking at my daughter, with complete love and adoration, but also questioning her almost every move. I can’t be alone in this…right???

I imagine other toddler moms can relate. Like when you catch them playing in the toilet or attempting to jump off of the steps, when they don’t even know how to jump at all…you stop and stare and just think “What the…?” 

I ask myself at least one of the following questions daily, and if you also have a little one at home, I bet you do too:

  • What exactly are you doing? And why are you doing that?
  • Is it a requirement to refuse every snack I offer before deciding on the first snack choice?
  • Does the food taste better licked off of your fingers, or from the floor, as opposed to freshly prepared on your plate?
  • Do your baby dolls ever get cold? Do you ever get cold?
  • What was wrong with the rest of that banana? Or the rest of the cucumber slices?
  • Do you feel fear? Or do you prefer to just share that emotion to those supervising you?
  • How are you surviving on pizza and goldfish? Aren’t you sick of them yet?
  • Is it really that fun to spin in circles? Do you get dizzy?
  • What is wrong with this outfit? And since when did you become such a fashionista? 
  • What does sand taste like? What about crayons? These all still taste better than, like, an apple, huh?
  • Does bath water taste good? And why do you prefer it over your fresh, cold, purified water?
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While I would love to know what is going on in that ever growing toddler brain, it is probably best I never find out. 

Granted, I do also find myself asking my toddler things like: 

  • How are you so cute?
  • When did you become so smart?
  • Do you have to grow up?
  • Will you always want to cuddle with me and read books on the couch?

Welcome to toddlerhood. Questions…just have so many questions. This toddler stage is fun, ever changing (literally every day she has new opinions), and it is quite the journey. Motherhood itself is a journey though, from those long postpartum days to the spunky teenage years and I am just along for the ride. 

There are absolutely more questions I have that I will never get the answer to, and honestly, it’s better that way. To my other toddler moms though, tell me you understand where I am coming from?!

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