Winter can be such a beautiful season, there’s that chill in the air, the cozy socks & hot chocolate by the fire, the glistening snow peacefully falling down…a remarkable time of year. It can, however, also be a bit more stressful if you are pregnant during the winter months – with the weather being the main factor. There are some things you should keep in mind as you prepare to tackle the winter season this pregnancy.

Invest in Cold Weather Apparel

Get yourself a warm maternity jacket, find a good pair of comfortable snow boots and keep yourself well prepared for the winter weather. Don’t forget warm hats, gloves and scarves too!

Consider what typical winter weather patterns are like for your area, but prepare yourself for anything. You don’t want to be caught in an ‘unprecedented snowstorm’ for your community, and be without a proper, supportive pair of snow boots. This is also important if you are far enough along in your pregnancy, where you could possibly be going into labor and need to get yourself into the car.

Prepare Your Car

While this is important every year, it is especially important when you are expecting. If you ever found yourself in a position where your car broke down, you want to be as prepared as possible. Keep a warm blanket, gloves/hat, extra socks, and a sweatshirt in your car. Include anything else you think might be necessary to keep you both safe and warm. (Also be sure your car always has enough gas to get you to the hospital if needed, should you go into labor – you don’t want to have to stop for gas…while it is snowing…while in labor)

Keep Your Health a Priority

Easier said than done, but do what you can to keep yourself healthy and germ free. Wash your hands a little more frequently, increase your Vitamin C intake, drink plenty of water, and do what you can to limit your exposure to germs. You have spent your pregnancy putting you and your baby first, and that needs to continue into the winter as well. Germs of course spread all year round, but seem to spread a little faster during the winter! 

Also, keep up to date with any recommended immunizations from your OB. Most doctors will encourage pregnant women to get the flu shot, so if you have not yet done that and your doctor brought it up to you as well, be sure to schedule your appointment. Remember during pregnancy your immune system is not as strong as it normally is, so do anything you can to help prevent colds and flu this winter!

Stay Active

Although it is the winter and you may want to spend the season wrapped under a blanket watching whatever your guilty pleasure TV show is, your pregnancy is continuing to move forward. Which means you still need to have a balance of those couch potato days mixed with some physical activity. Continue with whatever exercise routine you had before, this isn’t the time of year to try anything new, especially outdoors. Find an indoor space to keep active, or watch an exercise YouTube video right from home. Focus on you and your pregnancy, even on those bitter cold days!

Be Smart With The Weather

Be mindful of the weather reports and make your plans accordingly. If the weather is calling for large amounts of snow or ice, think twice about traveling. Try to make arrangements with work, and prepare to work at home if possible, or arrive late/leave early depending on the weather. Walk slowly on icy surfaces, and drive with caution. Also be smart when it comes to snow removal. If possible, delegate the shoveling to your partner, a family member or friendly neighbor.

How exciting you get to experience the winter season with your baby bump! Those hot chocolates by the fire will be quiet this season, but next year they will be louder and filled with so much more love. Enjoy your pregnancy Mama, it is a beautiful time of year to be growing a little miracle!

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