Congrats! Your pregnancy test is positive with your first baby, so exciting! I remember those emotions…shock, disbelief, excitement, happiness, fear, anticipation.

It’s a whirlwind of feelings that comes across you, either as the mom or dad. Any parent will tell you that! It can be overwhelming for sure.

One thing that contributed to that was the onslaught of wanted or unwanted tips and ideas from anyone and everyone. Even casual scrolling on social media would bring me anxiety from all the videos and posts about pregnancy and parenthood. (You know how social media is, it somehow knows your life)

So here is my husband and I’s list of tips for expecting your first baby. Literally no judgement from us, we’re just regular first-time parents throwing out there what worked for us and what we learned in the process. Remember, you were meant to be your baby’s parents, and you’re exactly who they need!

1. Try not to get discouraged with all the “just wait” comments.

I don’t know why people feel the need to ruin expecting parent’s excitement with the worst things to look forward to. In my opinion it doesn’t help at all and if anything makes you anxious.

Instead, just wait to hold your baby for the first time. Just wait to see their smile or hear their laugh for the first time. Just wait until they look up at you while you feed or hold them and they feel safe with you. Just wait until they see you and they smile big because you’re their favorite person. Just wait until they only want to nap on you because you are their comfort. Just wait to change so many diapers because they’re healthy and doing so well. Just wait when they’re having a hard time and you get to comfort them. Just wait!

2. Start with the basics you would like for your nursery and go from there!

Example: crib, dresser, glider etc. Then add on what you want! The baby market tends to make new parents feel like they NEED everything they can sell you. That is definitely not the case!

In all honestly you don’t even need a nursery at first, baby can definitely sleep in your room. Now if you want to go all out, go for it! But you also don’t need to, no pressure either way!

3. Hunt for deals!

Going along with the previous tip, you can check Facebook Marketplace or stores such as Once Upon a Child for deals on baby gear and clothes! Such good finds to be had without breaking the bank. I love a good deal! 

4. Go on a babymoon!

If you’ve never heard of this, it’s basically a getaway that couples take before baby comes. (Single parents! No one said you can’t go treat yourself too!) Not that your life ends when you have a baby by any means, but traveling does become more difficult when the little ones come around, so a lot of couples take advantage of the time before for relaxation.

5. If you’re a working parent, try to get a head start on maternity or paternity leave!

Discuss with your manager what all needs to be done paperwork wise, that way you can take as long as you want to submit it without stressing!


6. Use Babylist for your registry!  

I absolutely loved using the app Babylist for our baby registry! I wanted to be able to add items from any store and this worked so well for us. Super easy to share the registry with others as well, and if you’re nosy you can even see who marked what as purchased! 

7. Find baby boxes!

For some money-saving tips, you can get free baby boxes from stores such as Amazon, Target, Babylist, Buy Buy Baby and Walmart. You might have to make a registry for these places, but the boxes are filled with useful items and can be worth it! Make sure you go to each store’s website and find out more!

-Aeroflow is a great company that works with your insurance and can get you free items such as breast pumps and accessories, belly bands and even compression socks. All you have to do is apply and they do the work for you and let you know what your insurance approves! If it’s not approved all the way, it’s heavily discounted depending on your insurance.

8. Stock up!

One thing we did throughout pregnancy, was every time we were at the store, we would pick up a pack of diapers to stock up! Doing this with wipes would be a good idea too.

9. Ask for advice! 

I personally loved asking seasoned moms and also new moms for advice in addition to what the doctors would say. It goes without saying seasoned moms know a thing or two, but I’ve also learned that newer moms do as well. Especially since it seems like baby recommendations change every year. Don’t discount being a new mom! 

This was mostly my input, but like I said before I asked my husband if he had any tips, so here are his!

For the dads:

1. Be prepared for the birth! Even if you don’t know what to expect, you can support your spouse or S/O with whatever their needs are, help pack hospital bags or even ask other dads for tips. One big one I got was from a fellow dad at work…get a portable fan! Useful in the hospital and also after baby is born.

2. Like Madison mentioned earlier, be prepared for lots of opinions from everyone. All you can do is your best and make the best decisions you can for your family.

3. Babies are a lot of work, but it can be enjoyable and worth it. Remember to keep your mindset right, they’re not here to make your life miserable, they’re just babies and need you! So, make sure to help your spouse or S/O as much as you can with changing diapers, feedings, burping, household chores, or even letting Mama sleep in can be so helpful for her.

Remember, y’all are a TEAM! 

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