I love to scroll social media and see how creative some Mamas are when creating those Pinterest perfect nurseries. There are the beautiful color schemes, with the adorable accent decor and furniture. While it is all so aesthetically pleasing, the cost can quickly add up. There are ways you can create a perfect nursery for your little one, while also staying within a reasonable budget.

Keep Furniture Simple

While the designer cribs and certain aesthetic is popular, remind yourself that your baby doesn’t know the difference between a $3,000 crib or a $300 crib. Also, consider the reality of your situation and day-to-day life, don’t just add bookshelves with knick-knacks because you see it on Pinterest. 

Think about how necessary certain furniture items are for you and skip out on the nonessential ones. For example, bypass a matching changing table and set up a simple changing station on top of the dresser. Removing a big piece of furniture from your nursery also opens up more functional space for a play area, extra storage, or simply just more room to roam.

Refurbish Used Items

Maybe you are interested in finding an outdated (but still safe) crib, sanding it down and bringing it up to date. Finding discounted pieces for your nursery will help keep you within budget while also allowing you the freedom to create something you really love. 

Browse second hand furniture stores, or even take a look on Facebook Marketplace for affordable options. Those ‘buy nothing’ groups are another great option when it comes to decor or simple pieces for your nursery. There is no need to break the bank over a room in which your baby quickly outgrows! Spend your budget wisely.

Decorate the Walls Strategically

Some families choose to design and paint absolutely breathtaking murals on their little ones walls. While they are stunning, they are not a necessity when it comes to your perfect nursery. If you have your heart set on creating an accent wall, look into removable wallpaper. This will save you on paint and labor costs. 

For an even more affordable decor option, think about digital prints. The price point of the digital file itself is significantly lower than professional artwork and you can add a frame that suits your style. Click here for some beautiful digital prints to decorate your nursery!

Consider Your Color Scheme

Although you may have a very specific color scheme or theme in mind, remember your little one will grow into their own person, with their own opinions and interests. That nursery will quickly turn into a toddler’s room, big kid room and one day your teenagers room. It might make more sense to keep the decor style relatively neutral, so the room can grow with your little one, and save you some decor costs down the line. 

If you are looking to add a pop of color into the nursery, without going overboard on a budget, look for one or two accent pieces. Find a throw pillow that pulls all of the colors you are going for together and put that on your rocking chair, or splurge on a blanket that matches the theme and place it on the side of the crib (of course remove it when your baby goes to sleep!). One or two pops of color, or accents to the theme, can perfectly tie together your nursery while staying within your budget.

Your baby’s nursery can be as extravagant and perfectly decorated as you wish, or it can be a simple, functional space that works for you. If you consider yourself crafty and can DIY some decor pieces, go for it! There can be overwhelming pressure from social media to splurge on the baby’s nursery, don’t succumb to the pressure if it is not within your budget. Affordable (and adorable!) nurseries are possible!

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