Summer is filled with so many opportunities for memories, one of those being trips to a local fireworks show. You may be considering bringing your little one this year, but before you do it is best to prepare both you and your baby for a night of success. 

Before you make your plans, consider who your baby is. What do I mean by this? You know if your baby is easily startled by noises, overstimulated by crowds, sensitive to disruptions in their sleep, etc. Take note of these factors, to really help you best prepare. Then, follow the tips below:

Adjust Daytime Sleep If Possible

If you know ahead of time that you plan on being out later than usual and baby’s bedtime routine might be affected, try adjusting their nap schedule. Allow your baby to nap a little longer than usual and do your best to be sure the baby gets a few solid hours of sleep prior to their late night.

Bring Headphones & Comfort Items

You know how loud to expect the fireworks to be, but your little one does not. Be sure to have a good pair of noise cancelling headphones to help muffle the sound a bit for baby.

Also, have a bottle, pacifier, favorite toy or blanket packed to offer comfort if your little one does start to get upset or bothered by the noise. Let’s face it- fireworks in general can be overstimulating, the noise, the crowds, the lights, it is a lot for a little one! So be prepared to offer comfort to your little one as needed.

Sit Further Away

Position yourself appropriately. This year might not be the year to get the best seats in the house, but rather okay seats at a safe distance. It is also a good idea to sit away from the large crowds if possible, this gives you and your baby some personal space if you need it.

Know Where To Go

If you know ahead of time the layout of the fireworks show, have a plan of where to go in case it gets to be too much for your little one. If you need to leave early, or even if you need to find a far off spot to the side, have an idea of where the seating area, parking lot or quiet areas can all be found.

Be Flexible

One night of going to watch the fireworks isn’t going to entirely mess up your baby or their sleep schedule. Enjoy these memories and moments while they are here, we know how fast the years truly go. Go to the fireworks, prepare yourself for whatever the night of sleep might look like, and treat yourself to a large coffee in the morning.

I know how daunting these special summer activities can seem, especially something like fireworks, that only starts close to or after bedtime. If you have a baby in addition to older children, you don’t always want everyone’s summer nights to end just because the baby has to go to bed, which means you and your littlest one have to be flexible…and that’s okay. Enjoy the summer, and enjoy those fireworks! The awe in your little one’s faces as they watch the night sky light up is priceless.

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