Ever wanted to add some color to your breakfast? This fun recipe makes breakfast a work of art!

Tie-dye toast has been a hit in our house this week! My little chef has requested it almost daily because she really enjoys that she’s able to do it all on her own. We are in that very independent stage right now and this is one more thing she can do however she wants!

The ingredients are very simple, you probably already have them at home. You’ll just need milk, food coloring, bread and something to paint with. We used a Q-tip!

Lay out your piece of bread on a plate and pour a small amount of milk in a few containers. Put your choice of food coloring in each one. This is where we get to learn about how colors can be mixed to create more colors, encourage your little to experiment!

Stir up those colors and grab your painting utensil, it’s time for art to be made! Let your little one paint all over the bread with the colors they made. It turned out really vibrant, even after going through the toaster!

Add a little bit of butter and pop it in the toaster until it’s how they like it. Now you’ve got some easy and fun tie-dye toast!

I really couldn’t get over how much fun this one was. I even made myself a couple of pieces too.

The best kind of recipes are the ones you as a parent get to enjoy just as much! Have fun making those memories (and toast)!

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