There’s no doubt that pregnancy can be very difficult. My least favorite aspect of it… Ugh, morning sickness! If you’re as unlucky as I am, it could be renamed to all day sickness. I’ve tried pretty much every single remedy to ease my all day nausea, and here are my three go-to solutions!

1. Eat first thing when you get up

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I’ve found that the very best way to settle my stomach for longer is to eat right when I wake up. I’ve never been a person who eats in bed, but in the first trimester of pregnancy, anything goes. I keep a sleeve of ritz crackers on my nightstand. When I wake up for the day, before I even stand up, I eat one cracker. Having something in your stomach can help settle it. When I don’t eat my morning cracker, I’ve found that I’m much more likely to gag or even get sick before I brush my teeth. The cracker helps a lot!

2. Pregnancy Pop Drops

If you’re also in your first trimester, drop everything now and go look up pregnancy pop drops on Amazon! These things are amazing. They’re made with vitamin B6, which helps to ease nausea. I carry a handful with me wherever I go. When you get hit with a wave of nausea, put one in your mouth and feel better almost instantly. I love these for when I’m having an especially nauseous day but still have things to do. They’re like magic to distract from an upset stomach!

3. Doctor prescribed medicine

If nothing seems to be working, talk to your obstetrician about prescription anti-nausea medicine. You deserve to be as comfortable as possible in your pregnancy! I have a prescription for Unisom and vitamin B6, which in combination makes a huge difference in my all day nausea. Talk to your doctor to see what medicine might be helpful to you!

Do you have any other tips to ease first trimester nausea? Leave us a comment with your best advice!

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