Traveling with a baby can sometimes feel like you’re bringing everything but the kitchen sink. As moms we want to be prepared for anything and you never know what might happen while you’re away! But even as you’re packing the diapers, wipes and extra burp cloths there are a few things that might slip your mind until you’ve made it to your destination! I speak from experience, so be sure to check this over before heading out on your next road trip with your little one!

Baby Bath Items
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My first trip with my little guy, we got to our destination and I realized I didn’t have a good way to bathe him! I didn’t think to bring the bath seat and he was still too itty bitty for the tub. Like many families, we do baths as part of our bedtime routine and I hated having to skip it for those days. But have you ever tried to hold a slippery baby for their entire bath time? Might as well be holding a 15 lb eel! So if your baby is going to need a bath while away be sure to grab the bath seat on your way out the door! It could also be worthwhile to pick up some travel sized baby bath products like soap or lotion.

Health and Medical Needs

Obviously when you’re packing for a fun trip to the beach you’re not considering what would happen if your baby gets sick on vacation. But it’s always best to be prepared! You don’t want to be running out to the pharmacy or sending someone else in a rush to try and get what you need. I recommend bringing your infant thermometer and infant Tylenol and depending on the season perhaps a nasal aspirator. These are three fairly small items that you’ll be so grateful to have if you need them! I also like to stash our nail clippers in the bag because we know those nails grow like crazy! They may be a good length when you leave but 3 days in you might be wishing you had a way to trim those baby talons.

Sleep Necessities
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Have you checked the sleeping situation where you’re staying? If there isn’t a sleep spot waiting for you be sure you get your pack n’ play or bassinet. And I would definitely recommend bringing extra sheets! We all know accidents happen and you may not be in a spot to do laundry in the middle of the night so always best to have a backup. Also consider your baby’s home sleep space. Do they use a sound machine or a special night light? You might want to bring those special bedtime items with you so you can help them feel more comfortable in a new sleep space. You’ll also most likely want your baby monitor. Don’t forget the chargers you’ll need to keep things running!


You can’t predict much when it comes to babies. But what you can predict is that something unexpected will most likely come up. So having extras of the important things is important. Extra burp cloths, extra outfits (for both the baby and you), extra layers in case the weather changes, an extra pacifier…you get the idea. The things that would be a problem if you didn’t have…go ahead and bring an extra!

It can be overwhelming traveling with a baby but as long as you have the necessities you’ll be just fine! Safe travels mamas!

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