Everyone is in agreement that becoming a mother is a huge life event and spoiling our mamas on Mother’s Day is a given. But becoming a dad is also life altering and we don’t want to skimp on celebrating the special men in our lives who have stepped into that important role. While we appreciate our dads every year in June, there is something extra special about that first Father’s Day.

So for those of you looking to mark that sweet occasion this year I’ve found a few gifts that are sure to let that new father know he’s loved.

1. Tile Mate

Because all of those late night feedings and early mornings can make finding your keys before work tricky.

2. Meater

A Digital Meat Thermometer. For the dad who has stepped up to help out mom with the cooking in this new phase of life, but could use this digital sous chef to make dinner even more delicious.

3. Insulated Tumbler

As a new parent we all know your coffee never seems to stay warm long enough, so keep dad properly caffeinated with a new mug.

4. Baby Wearing Shirt

For the dad that wants to experience the sweet baby carrying snuggles but thinks that mom’s baby wrap requires too many steps to put on.

5. Digital Photo Frame

When dad goes back to work he’ll appreciate getting to see all the photos of his new sidekick throughout the day.

6. Personalized Beer Accessories

 Whether it’s these fun labels attached to the bottles in his favorite 6 pack or an engraved pint glass to mark this milestone, the beer drinker in your life will love the personal touch!

7. The Dad Hoodie

For the dad who doesn’t want to carry a diaper bag but still wants to be prepared.

8. Novelty Shirt

It could be a tshirt just for him or maybe even matching “dad and me” outfits. Etsy has tons of themes and styles to choose from to match the new dad in your life.

9. Dollar Shave Club Gift Set

He may feel like a zombie some days but that doesn’t mean he has to look like one! Help him keep up with his 5 o’clock shadow with a gift from dollar shave club.

10. New Sweats

Let’s face it, as new parents you often spend a bit more time in your lounge clothes, so let’s get him some that are extra comfy!

11. Slippers

Speaking of comfort, how about a new pair of slippers to slide on when he’s doing nighttime diaper duty?

12. Noise Canceling Headphones

These are great for the dad who needs to work from home, who needs a little me time or who needs to keep the volume down on his music so the baby can sleep!

13. Dad’s Playbook

An encouraging book to inspire the new dad in your life with quotes and inspiration from famous coaches who know a thing or two about leading a team (your family).

14. Socks

Is it even a gift guide for dad’s if you don’t put socks on the list? I’m not sure how socks became synonymous with a dad gift but they are a gift that can be practical as well as personal.

15. New Dad Survival Kit

You can grab a personalized box on Etsy or use something you have like the new dad’s diaper bag. And then just fill it with things he’ll need like diapers, coffee, his favorite candy, a baby onesie etc. Best part of this gift- you could even gift it to an expecting dad who’s sidekick hasn’t arrived in time for the big day.

Maybe the new dad in your life has been a new dad for almost a whole year, or maybe his little one was born just days before Father’s Day. Either way, there is surely something on this list they will love that shows how much they are loved themselves.

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