Keeping baby cool by the beach or pool is so much fun, but also so much work! With these essentials and a few fun extras your bag will be better stocked than Mary Poppins and you’ll be ready to keep everyone from babies to grandparents entertained by in the sun and by the water!

1. The perfect pool bag: Bogg Bag

This bag can literally hold everything! I love that there are two smaller clear pockets inside that can hold my keys, phone, and other miscellaneous things. Best part is it is waterproof because we all know that water never stays in one place with kids!

2. Sunscreen

Splurging on sunscreen seems like a win for everyone. Better sun protection with a great smell that goes on smooth just makes life easier! I love, SunBum and BabyBum  products because they check both marks!

3. Snacks

Whether it’s the baby or the big kids being by the water makes everyone hungrier! My go to’s for beach and pool days are VeggieStraws, dried fruit like strawberries or bananas, and/or made good granola bars. When I have a cooler I love bringing fresh fruit, veggies with ranch, and frozen yogurt tubes for hungry littles and mamas. Babies love puffs poolside so be sure to pop some of those in your bag if you’ve got a tiny eater.

4. Collapsible bucket

This is just great for all ages! With babies these buckets are nice to have to dip their feet off or use as a sensory bucket at the beach. Big kids will love filling it with sand and you will love how it can be stored in your bag all the time!

5. Hats

Another sun essential for babies and parents. I always recommend a hat for baby that ties because they can pull all other ones off so easily. I’ve had an iPlay hat for each of my children and they hold up well and keep the sun off their faces well.

6. Towels

When baby or even Mom is ready to dry off these personalized towels from Caden Lane will ensure everyone gets the right one! Plus they are super soft and oversized, which just makes them even better.

7. $20 Cash

You brought snacks! But chances are there may be sweet treats that your kids may just have to have at the beach or pool so be a PRO and come prepared! Ice cream or even a special drink just taste better by the water! Trust me you and the kids both deserve it!

8. Swim diapers

I am obsessed with BBLittles Swim Diapers because they grow with your baby and have the cutest prints. Reusable swim diapers are earth friendly and budget friendly too! In fact BBLittles sent me a promo code to share with our readers for 20% off. The promo code is EmilyFaircloth. Finally a Pro tip: Swim diapers only keep in solids so when you’re in route to the pool, lake, or beach pop a regular diaper over the swim diaper to avoid any messes and then remove right before letting them take their first splash.

9. Wet bag

You’ll need this for those wet bathing suits and with any luck hopefully only wet diapers 🙂

10. Pajamas

Seriously this is a GAME CHANGER! At the pool, lake, or beach in the morning then rinse off and pop the jammies on so your toddle can rock nap time! My girls love when we grab pizza and head to the pool to swim up until bedtime because with the jammies packed it’s a win if they fall asleep on the ride home! 

How perfect would these ice cream jammies be for post-water snoozing?

11. Fan

My son is only 5 months old right now so while I let him take a quick dip. He is poolside, lakeside, or beachside most of the time so this little fan keeps him and whoever is taking care of him at that time cooler! It’s perfect for the stroller too! It has a wonderful charge!

12. Floats

These may not fit in the bag, but don’t leave home without them! Here are the floats we are loving this summer!

Mambo Baby floats:

For my toddler:

These designs are just the cutest and I love how they keep littles safe while still being fashionable and/or matching their bathing suit.

Big kids:

Good old noodles are great to let the big kids bring along! 

13. Water bottles

Packing a cooler isn’t always feasible so when it’s a quick trip I love using these water bottles for my kids. They keep their water cold for hours! Mamas, don’t forget to hydrate, these cute cups will make it easy!

14. Phone!

Capture those memories by the water and don’t forget to get in a few yourself!!

Well my bag is overflowing as I’m sure yours will be, but having these items makes our days by the water so much more enjoyable! Here’s to a summer full of sun by the water with a Mary Poppins bag full of the perfect things!

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