If you are looking for a birthday gift, or maybe even getting a jump start on your holiday shopping, I found the perfect thing! Everyone sleeps right? So, all children need pajamas. What is cooler than not only getting some cozy pajamas, but also TO BE ABLE TO COLOR ON THEM?!

Caden Lane released a new line of ColorMe Pajamas, and you need to check them out. Gift your little one with something practical, while also giving them the ability to be creative. There are a few designs available and Crayola fabric markers are included with your purchase. End your summer break with this fun activity, celebrate the start of school with a new pair of fun pajamas, or simply get creative for no other reason than to have some fun!

You may be wondering how it all works. The fabric markers are permanent, so there will be little to no color bleed when these pajamas are washed- also making this a great keepsake item.

For Best Results:

  • Place a piece of paper or cardboard underneath the drawing area to prevent bleeding through.
  • Wait 24 hours to wash (the color may bleed in the first wash, so wash separately.)
  • Don’t forget! Crayola Fabric Markers are permanent! Please see Crayola Box for more details.

If you love the idea but aren’t sure if pajamas would thrill your little one, I encourage you to check out the entire line of ColorMe products. You can choose from pillow cases, tote bags, or even whiteboards. (The whiteboards won’t be permanent, so your little one can color and erase for endless fun!) 

I always love the idea of a practical gift or activity that still allows for imagination, creativity and expression! The designs are also so well thought out, with plenty of images to color. This can easily be an activity that they revisit time and time again, because there will always be more to color. If you have tried any of the ColorMe products, tell me Mama, what do you think?

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