I love the idea of having something that will hold up to baby’s playing, and also be a wonderful keepsake once they’re grown. And let’s be honest, you’re not going to want to keep some of those bright plastic toys that light up and sing nursery rhymes, so here’s a list of my favorite wooden toys from my favorite stores!

Odin Parker


These adorable little guys can be purchased separately or together with the landscape! They’re small, so keep them on a shelf until your little one’s third birthday, they make for great nursery decor when not in use!

Wooden Sail Boat

This wooden boat comes with two little friends, Bubbles and Squeak! You can’t put the boat in water, but it would be perfect for any child with a sense of adventure!

Handmade Wooden Airplane with Pilot

Planes are always a hit with young children, and this little set is something you’ll cherish forever. You get to choose which pilot you want!

Handmade Pyramid Tower

While the previous toys have been more suited to toddlers, this beautiful stacker set is perfect for helping your baby practice their coordination! The wooden circles will hold up to baby’s play, and the claming colors would look great in any room.

Wooden Carousel Music Box

Odin Parker has so many music boxes to choose from, but this one is my favorite. This piece isn’t designed for play, so keep it on a shelf until your child is old enough to understand, but it plays a soft melody that anyone would love!

Burke Decor

Bunny Racing Car

These race cars come with either a bunny or a chicken. The wheels are on wooden axels that turn, so you can drive it like a real race car! These cars are made from recycled wood and come from a sustainable manufacturer, so you can feel good about having these in your home.

Lacing Sheep

This adorble little sheep comes apart for your little one to put back together using color matching. The lacing motion will help with their fine motor skills and coordination, and when they’re done playing, it’s perfect to display!

Farm Animals Set

This set is perfect for independent play at any age, and are the perfect size for little hands to hold! 100% wood and made sustainably, you’ll love having these toys for years to come. Also available in a sea life set!

The Little Kiwi Co

Magic Wand

This little wand is perfect for the little wizards and fairies in your life! Each wand is handmade, so you’re always getting a unique piece that will last forever.

Forest Mushrooms Basket

Not only is this set of mushrooms absolutely beautiful, it’s got so many fun uses! You can place the mushrooms outside and have your little one go foraging, it’s the best scavenger hunt ever. It comes with 15 mushrooms and everything is handmade, even the basket!

Hopefully this list gave you some ideas for your gift list! There are so many amazing wooden toys out there, I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

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