Adding the word Maternity to anything is like adding the word Wedding; it comes with an additional price or rather two prices. The first is the actual price tag. Maternity wear is not cheap. The second is my sanity. Shopping for an ever-changing body is incredibly frustrating. I wanted clothes to fit me now but also want them to fit me later with no concept of how big I might get. 

In order to avoid paying both of these prices, rather than build a maternity wardrobe in the beginning of my first pregnancy, I slowly collected pieces that I needed at the time over multiple pregnancies and now, after my third, I have a good idea of what pieces an expecting mom really needs in her maternity wardrobe.

Before I dive into the makeup of the perfect maternity wardrobe, I want to remind you that there are many non-maternity styles that will accommodate a growing bump beautifully. Anything relaxed-fit, oversized, or with a fair amount of stretch may last well into the second trimester. A fold-over-waistband yoga pant, or a low rise stretchy waist might fit comfortably for a while.

I enjoyed using non-maternity styles like a maxi dress or a body-con dress to complement and accentuate my bump in early pregnancy, while late into the third trimester I was wearing mostly my husband’s button downs. Using what I already had in my closet allowed me to buy a few choice maternity pieces and still have a decent amount of outfit options.

Here is a list of what I found worth investing in through pregnancy:

  • Two pairs of jeans

I liked the variety of having two different washes and finishes on my jeans. One pair was from Old Navy, the other from Target.

  • One pair of denim shorts

These were thrifted and became a staple through my summer pregnancy.

  • Two pairs of slacks

My navy slacks from Motherhood Maternity felt like pajamas and looked business casual for the office. 

Army green skinnies from H&M were so versatile for work or weekends.

  • Three pairs of maternity leggings 

Fabletics army green maternity leggins far exceeded my expectations in comfort and quality.

Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings, while not my favorite, were a versatile pair. 

These legging from Glowe are well worth the price for the amount of support and pain relief they offered me. Plus they fit in early postpartum also.

  • Body-con maternity skirt

It was fun to have a skirt that came up over my belly and really showed it off.

  • Jersey knit maternity dress 

Having at least one maternity dress that makes you feel like a glowing goddess is a must. Bonus points if you can dress it up or down for versatility.

  • A swimsuit 

While Squeezing into my own swimsuits was do-able, it stopped being comfortable and I opted for this suit from Amazon once I got more round.

  • Underwire-free bralettes 

My breasts kept growing through my whole pregnancy and then quickly expanded after my baby was born. These very comfortable bralettes fit me the entire time and into postpartum. 

 And we can’t forget that a good robe will always be a staple in any wardrobe! This cute Mauve maternity robe from Caden Lane will be a part of your daily routine in no time! 

My only disclaimer is that I live in a warm climate and work in a business casual office. The type of maternity wear you need is going to greatly depend on your daily activities, your climate, and the time of year in which you are pregnant. Share some of your favorites below!

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