For many of us mothers-to-be, our baby showers are the most exciting part of pregnancy. All of the exhaustion, nausea, aches and pains are celebrated by those we love most, helping us prepare for the little bundle of joy that is about to arrive. However, that third trimester hits and, let’s be honest, we’re not feeling our best. If you’re anything like me, you feel large, your skin is broken out, you’re out of breath and sweating with the tiniest bit of physical activity. Needless to say, I felt less than attractive as my bridal shower was approaching. The pressure of finding a dress that was comfortable and made me feel beautiful (and actually FIT!) was unbearable. Add in the fact that I was wearing plus sizes during my pregnancy and was on a budget, the hunt became nearly impossible. However, across my endless search and after many return trips to the post office, I found some contenders to hopefully make your search a little less stressful. 


Starting off strong with my favorite go-to place to find maternity wear and where I got my shower dress from, ASOS. Given that they carry many different brands, as well as their own line, there is something for every size and style. While they do carry maternity clothing, the dress I ended up in was a plus size wrap dress and it was perfect for what I was going for. What I love so much about this site is that you can really find whatever dress you’re looking for to fit your theme or vision for your shower. Looking for dreamy and flowy? They have it. Looking for something tight to show off the bump? They have it. Looking  for something colorful? Casual? Trendy? They have it. If you don’t want to do too much searching, I suggest starting here. 

Baltic Born

With “Extended Sizing” and “Bump Friendly” dress categories, Baltic Born is one of my new favorite places to shop for both maternity and everyday mom clothes. The style of this site ranges from dressy-casual (think date night) to formal, so no matter what your shower goals are, there is something for everyone. And when they say extended sizing, they mean extended sizing, with dresses up to 3XL. While some items are a bit more on the pricey side, they have a great sale section and occasionally run some pretty good promo codes. The best part about this site is that while some of their dresses are bump friendly, they’re not maternity-specific meaning you can wear them after, too. In my opinion, it makes the money worth it for a special occasion dress. 


Stumbling upon Joyfolie was a happy accident for me (I believe in the form of a Facebook ad during a big sale). If you are looking for a more bohemian/ western feel, look no further. The majority of their dresses, and clothing in general, ranges from size XXS to XXL. Again, this is not a maternity site, but let’s be honest finding cute maternity clothes is nearly impossible anyway. Some of their dresses can definitely run up a hefty tab, but their sale section is awesome (and usually includes a code for a further discount). While I didn’t end up wearing the dress I ordered at my shower, I still kept it and plan on wearing it in the future because, well, it’s amazing. 

Morning Lavender

I will start by saying the dresses I ordered from Morning Lavender were returned and this brand is definitely for those on the smaller side. I’m not too sure what compelled me to believe a size large would fit me at seven months pregnant, but I gave it a try anyway. So, why is it on my list? Because they’re dresses are adorable for a baby shower if you can fit into them. While they are definitely not size inclusive, they do carry styles that are flowy and/or poofy creating plenty of room for the bump. If you’re looking for something dreamy and girly (and can still fit in straight sizing) this is the shop for you.

Red Dress

Again, another strikeout for me at Red Dress, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to make the list because they’re dresses are cute. I mean, it’s not their fault that I didn’t love the way the dress looked on me. They also have a “Bump Friendly” dress category to make looking for a dress with some extra tummy room easy. While I wouldn’t say they’re size inclusive (most of their dresses go to a size L or XL), their bump friendly styles are very flowy and you could probably get away with ordering a size a bit smaller than you’re used to depending on the style. Not to mention, they’re colors and prints are super fun and cute to achieve that feminine look. The best part? The majority of their dresses are pretty budget-friendly making this site a great contender for your baby shower dress. 

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