When I tell you that I cannot even believe I am writing this article right now, I am not exaggerating. I seriously can’t comprehend how I just gave birth yesterday and somehow have an almost 7 month old! Like how am I even preparing for a first birthday party right now? It is absolutely insane. The only thing getting me through all of the feels that come along with this process is the adorable first birthday party themes. While I have finally landed on a decision for my little one’s first birthday party, here are the ones I have come across in my search that were super close contenders. 

One Happy Camper

For our favorite outdoorsy family, One Happy Camper is such a fun theme. Using shades of cream, brown and green this theme has the dreamiest neutral color scheme. Also, this is a great theme if you’re on a budget! An outdoor space like a backyard or a park pavilion provides the perfect on-theme space; bonus if there’s a playground (hello, free entertainment!). Also, the food is easy to buy in bulk with cookout options such as hot dogs, burgers, chips and all the other camping favorites. Also, you can double up your party favor with a dessert – s’mores! 

Berry First Birthday

While we’ve seen “Beary First Birthday” (teddy bears galore!), Berry First Birthday takes it in a different direction and provides SO many options depending on your little’s favorite type of berry, your desired color scheme or the time of year! This theme provides you with so many different options which is why it was a top contender for me. Having a baby born in March, it is a weird time of year for birthday themes. You’re past the point of “Winter Onederland” type themes, but a little too early for Spring. This one is super precious, however, for any time of year. Not to mention, the play one words provides you with so many decor options (see below). And there’s nothing sweeter than a berry sweet smash cake!

Baby’s Record Year

As a band member, I was so tempted to go with baby’s record year. The reason I steered in another direction is because (as with most things) finding a cute boy’s first birthday theme is harder than a girl’s, so I’m saving it for if we have a boy (or our last baby if we end up with all girls!). I love this theme so much because it can really be geared towards your own taste in music! If you’re a country music fan, it’s easy to take it the western route. If you’re a classic rock fan, you can decorate to your heart’s content with electric guitar and record decor. From there, food is a breeze as you can pick classics from the region or decade. For me, I always love flexibility in any party theme and this one (get it?) provides you with so many options.

One Little Sweetheart

One of the most unique themes I came across, this was one a high contender on my list primarily because it was perfect for the time of year. Having an early March baby, I was thinking of having her party in February since Easter is in March this coming year and I didn’t want family to have to do so much driving around in the same month. Ultimately, I’ve decided to have her party in April, otherwise this would have been the theme. Our Little Sweetheart is the perfect Valentine’s Day/ First Birthday bash. Filled with candy hearts and Hershey’s kisses this is the sweetest party. Not to mention, finding decor in February for a Valentine’s Day themed party would be a breeze. Your little one is sure to feel the love with a theme like this!

Holy Cow, I’m Turning One

I’ve never met a cow I didn’t love. I mean, come on, they’re so cute. What’s cuter than a cow? A little western-styled baby! This theme is perfect for really any time of year and any gender. The main reason I didn’t choose it for our theme is because it just didn’t seem to fit our girl. I love that you can alter this theme to really fit whatever style “cowboy/ cowgirl” you want. You can take it in a rhinestone cowgirl direction filled with shades of pink and disco balls or keep it traditional with cowboy bandanas, denim and cow print. With endless color scheme options, this is the perfect theme for any country-loving family looking to perfect a certain aesthetic. My entertainment idea? Little inflatable bulls and cows for the littles!

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