What’s better than a cute outfit? One that matches with your babies of course! It just brings the cute “fit” to a whole new level of adorableness. It can be so easy to put together too, you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money on exact matching clothes, but you sure can if you want! And of course these are just suggestions, mix, match and wear what you want how you want!


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Let’s start out with the classic…sweatpants. I think this is my personal favorite, I would live in comfies for the rest of my life if I could! Especially since it appears to be coming into style and it’s getting colder outside. There’s just something about a matching sweatpant and sweatshirt combo. Even better when you have a matching mini to accompany you on your errands! You can mix & match however you want, but the basics would be your favorite comfies for both you and your little! Bonus if the color matches, but it doesn’t need to if you just don’t have the items. You can pair it with a hat for baby, adorable purse for you and comfy shoes for both.

Winter Classic

Picture this. Jeans, comfy Ugg boots (or knock off brand if you’re like me haha), oversized sweater, adorable winter hat and a wintry scarf to top off the look! You can adjust this for the boys if you want. This outfit definitely screams “mommy and me going to Starbucks and gazing at Christmas lights”. How dreamy!


Need I say more? Next to sweatpants this is my next go to! So comfy, stretchy, always a classic. Especially black leggings. Goes with almost everything. Pair them with your favorite hoodie of choice, or a sweater. Can always add a jacket too depending on how cold it is in your area. If your little is really little and a onesie would suite them better, just pair it with a black onesie! Or if you have them some black sweatpants or leggings for the kiddo. Don’t forget the cozy socks and adorable winter hats to match!

Another top you could pair with the leggings would be a white shirt and a jean jacket. Or let’s be honest, what CAN’T you pair with leggings??

Mama and Mini

I love the Mama and Mini shirts! You can find them anywhere, Etsy, Amazon, even Pinterest. If you find a picture you like on Pinterest you can click on the link and it will take you to the site to purchase!

The Dress

Ok girlies, grab your dresses. This one is year-round! Dresses can be so versatile. The short-sleeved floral for the spring, pair it with a matching basket purse for you both and even a cute sun hat. The black dress for winter, add a chunky sweater, winter hat and tall boots for you both! Mix and match any variation you like! You can do a 3/4 sleeve dress for fall with some short booties and bow in the hair, or a flowy sundress and sandals for summer.

For the Boys

I know mommy and me outfits tend to be geared towards the girlies, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But as a boy mom myself, it just takes a little more imagination to match. And while you can definitely adjust any of the ideas mentioned above, here are some for the boys!

Jeans, ball caps and matching shirts! I love these that are camo that say “Mama” and “Little Man”.

Another idea would be matching flannel! This can be gender neutral but I love it for the boys. Pair it with some cute jeans or black pants, winter caps and brown boots.

If mama wants to wear a dress, here is an idea to accomplish that while matching your Bubba! Simply match the colors you plan to wear. If mom wants to wear a blue flowery dress, match mister in a blue sweater of a similar shade and add the rest of the outfit for you both! As long as the shades are similar you will resemble being matching!

Of course jean jackets will never go out of style, I’m convinced! Perfect for boys and girls, they go with, you guessed it, everything! Jeans, leggings, sweatpants, dresses, skirts…have fun matching with this cute closet staple!

Hospital Outfits

For any expecting mamas, Caden Lane has some of the most adorable, comfy mommy and me sets. The best hospital maternity robes that automatically match with the prints for the babies! So many cute bamboo prints to choose from. You can choose from onesies to knotted gowns for the babes! Will definitely leave you feeling your best after delivering your sweetie, and your hospital pictures are sure to be darling!

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