You found out that you’re pregnant and now you have decided it’s time to announce your pregnancy! So exciting but also overwhelming trying to find the perfect way to tell your loved ones about your great news. Here are 6 different pregnancy announcement ideas to make the moment sure to be memorable and special. 

1. Announcing you are pregnant to your husband:

A dad survival kit is a fun way to let your husband know he is going to be a father. Purchase an inexpensive plastic toolbox and fill it with “survival items “. You can do a combination of some funny items as well as practical ones. Some favorites of mine to include are earplugs, rubber gloves, a book of dad jokes, diapers, wipes, and a pacifier. 

new dad kit
 This box is available here!

2. Announcing on social media:

A quick way to let everyone know about your pregnancy is a social media post. A Caden lane knotted gown and matching hat, along with a letter board that says you are expecting, makes for the perfect picture for your announcement. It is simple and adorable. Caden lane has several neutral gowns to choose from for your photo. 

baby announcement

3. Announcing to Grandparents to be:

A unique way to announce to your parents that they are going to become a grandparent is by gifting them countdown blocks that countdown the weeks until they become a grandparent. They will enjoy getting to see the progress of becoming a step closer each week to being a grandparent! 

4. Announcement including older sibling(s):

If this isn’t your first child then you might be looking for a way to announce your pregnancy that includes your other children. A simple way to include them is by dressing them in a shirt that says something about their new older sibling status, such as a shirt that says big sis/big bro. 

big sis shirt

5. Announcement to Coworkers:

Who doesn’t love cookies?! Custom cookies are a yummy way to announce your pregnancy to coworkers. Simply have some cookies made that are baby-themed and share the sweet treat with your coworkers. 

6. Announcement to Family and Friends:

The perfect way to announce your pregnancy to all of your family and friends is by playing a game at a social gathering. The game Pictionary is a great game to play to be able to announce your pregnancy during it. Pick something pregnancy related to draw out and have some good laughs while your family and friends try to figure out your exciting news. 

How did you choose to announce your pregnancy to family and friends?

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