For some families, the Super Bowl is a reason for big celebration – especially if your favorite team is playing! For other families, it is the perfect excuse to get together with family and friends, have some snacks and make memories together. Whether you are having a Super Bowl party, or it is just another football Sunday in your home, here are a few ideas to keep the kids engaged so you can enjoy the game together!

Paper Football

This simple flick football game has been around for years it seems, I can remember my dad teaching me how to play when I was a kid. You can take this folded football game to the next level and create a field or field goal posts to have your own big Super Bowl competition, right on your living room table!

Football Coloring & Activity Pages

If you are looking to set up a kids craft table, consider including some coloring or activity pages! This could be a great way for your children to play independently while you watch the game or prepare some snacks. There are also many ideas when it comes to football crafts, simply check out THIS PIN – you really have so many options to create the ultimate Super Bowl kids craft table!

Football BINGO

There are a few variations of BINGO out there, depending on the difficulty you are looking for, but this is a fun game for everyone! You can choose to play BINGO the traditional way, by picking calling cards and getting four in a row, or you can look for these particular items somewhere in the football game to keep everyone engaged!

Football ‘Pin the Tail’ Game

Think ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ but with a festive & fun spin! Blindfold your competitors, and try to get the football into the goal post. You have the freedom to get creative in how you craft up this game, but it is sure to be a hit!

Football iSpy

This is another activity that is available in a few difficulty levels, so you can find one that works for your little ones. Depending on the age, your children might even be able to do this independently!

Football Sensory Bin

This is the perfect set up to keep your littlest ones entertained for a while. This does take a little bit of prep, as you need to gather the supplies, but it will definitely be a popular activity! Children will love to explore the different textures & materials you include – and the more football & festive you make it, the bigger of a hit it will be on Super Bowl Sunday!

Craft Stick Catapult Game

Another activity that requires prep work, but will be too fun to pass up, especially for older children. This game will instill some friendly competition among the children, while keeping the football theme going!

Not every family throws a Super Bowl party, but every family does love to have fun and make memories together. Whether you are looking to create a kid zone and have activities or crafts planned out, or you just want to have some Super Bowl fun together, I hope you found some inspiration here!

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