It’s official! Summer is in full swing and that means the temperatures are going up, up, up! We spend our days doing our best to beat the heat, and one of our favorite ways to cool down is with yummy summer treats! Here are a few of our tried and true summer snacks for babies! 

Watermelon slushy

Frozen watermelon is by far my favorite summer treat, and now my daughter loves it too! All you have to do is chop up watermelon, toss it into freezer bags, and let it freeze. Pull it out once frozen and blend! You can serve it just like that, or add lemonade or juice for a less icy drink. So yummy and easy! 

Yogurt drops

In the stores, a teensy bag of freeze dried yogurt can cost $4 or $5. You can make frozen yogurt drops yourself at home so easily, and they’re a great cool down snack for babies. All you have to do is put small drops of the yogurt of your choosing on a baking tray covered in parchment paper. Freeze until solid, then serve your baby a few little drops at a time! They melt in baby’s mouth and hopefully cool down your little one!

Applesauce drops

If you’re wondering what the takeaway point of this article is, it’s that the freezer will be your friend this summer. Applesauce drops are the same as yogurt drops! Super easy to make and delicious to eat. I mixed mine up a bit by blending strawberries in the food processor and adding that mix to the applesauce.

DIY popsicles

You can buy a popsicle maker on Amazon or at stores like Walmart or target. My favorite for babies is the teetherpop! We like to fill it up with breastmilk for the days when my daughter’s teeth are hurting. You can fill with breastmilk, formula, purées, or anything you think your baby would enjoy!

I hope these easy frozen snack ideas are helpful! Make sure to leave room in your freezer this summer- you’ll need it!

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