Children go through a very normal (yet frustrating for you, Mama) phase, where they refuse to eat anything with color or even remotely healthy. My once ‘eat anything that is offered to me’ baby has turned into a ‘I only survive on mac & cheese’ toddler. I am sure you have tried tricks to make mealtime less stressful… offered fruits/veggies with every meal….offered at least one safe food, etc.  Whatever advice or tips you have heard along the way, it seems to work for every other kid, but not yours. I get it. 

Here is a list of a few recipes to help you try and sneak vegetables into your little one’s diet!

Veggie (Zucchini Carrot) Muffins

These muffins are filled with veggies and make the perfect breakfast or snack option for your little one! While they do take some work on your end, you can turn this into a family affair and get your kids involved in the mixing and cooking process!

Hidden Veggie Mac & Cheese

If your little one is also surviving on mac & cheese these days, this might be the recipe you need to try! I love that the texture and color looks exactly like regular mac & cheese, so the hidden veggies should be seemingly unnoticeable.


If Mom is drinking a smoothie, you can be sure your little one also wants to be drinking a smoothie. This is an easy way to incorporate both fruits and veggies into your child’s diet. You can make smoothies for everyone for breakfast or enjoy one after a long day of playing and having fun.

Spinach Banana Pancakes

The spinach will create a natural green color in the pancakes, so you can create some excitement over how these are green like the Hulk or green like a frog – something that plays to your child’s interests! I have also added berries to the pancake batter for my little one, because sneaking some extra fruit also doesn’t hurt!

Meat Sauce with Hidden Vegetables

A healthy twist on a ‘Sunday sauce’ recipe, and an easy way to sneak in some veggies! Puree the veggies that you choose to use, so once they are added to the meat, they will truly be hidden. This sauce can then be used for a variety of recipes, and you have veggies hidden in them all.

Homemade Spaghettios with Hidden Carrots

This recipe calls for pureed carrots, but you could even puree some broccoli or spinach along with the carrots to add more veggies per serving. The ‘O’ shape is fun, but any shape pasta would work!

You can certainly add veggies into almost anything, (seriously…even these fudge pops!) so you can feel confident as a mom that your little ones are getting the vegetables they need. Life is all about balance, and this is also true with your child’s diet.

Don’t stress over a single meal, or even a single day – keep a balance of fruits and vegetables over the course of the week and you should be good! If you are concerned about your little one’s food or vegetable consumption, always speak to your pediatrician.

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