Sensory Play for Babies

Playtime! As a mom of an almost 1-year-old daughter, playtime has been something I have thoroughly enjoyed and have not taken lightly. On my journey as a new mom, I delve into a lot of research that shows how essential playtime is for a baby’s development and growth! As parents, it is so important to play with our kids and foster fun in their lives. That sounds like the best chore to have if you ask me! Kids connect with their environment and learn about the world through sensory play.

Any new activity that stimulates the senses is considered sensory play. It helps build neural pathways and supports language and cognitive development. This type of educational playtime is literally establishing the foundation for social and problem-solving skills that they will need throughout their lifetime. It is so amazing that interacting with objects and materials is the building block of their emotional intelligence! Life can get busy and stressful but it doesn’t take much to qualify as sensory play. Let’s discuss 3 sensory play ideas that you can try today!

1. Hanging mobile.

These, of course, make for pretty decoration but they are also the simplest way to initiate visual stimulation.

2. Splashing water.

Playing in water entertains multiple senses at once! Feeling the water and watching what happens to it when certain movements and pressures are applied to it is very exciting to babies! Yes, this could get messy if you don’t set up the activity well. PRO TIP: Take a bucket or shallow pan of water outside in the grass or over layers of towels if you are inside. Sit behind the baby to spot him/her as they splash along! Of course, this is an activity that can also be done in the bath, but sometimes being out of the water and only touching it creates a completely different experience for those early stages.

3. Sandbox.

This activity has a similar effect to playing in water. It teaches them how to manipulate their physical environment. Hiding toys in the sand is also an exercise that teaches surprise and reward! They learn that the outcome of searching through the sand may result in finding a surprise treasure! 

These are just a few of the easy ways to get creative with sensory play! Don’t put too much stress on yourself about it. Just being present and participating in playtime with your baby helps them tremendously. Everything that you already know about the world is a brand-new concept for your baby. Enjoy reliving and relearning the world all over again through their senses! You got this, mama!

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