Opt for a balanced meal

Kids need balanced nutrition to grow, maintain energy, and make it through a long day of learning and playing at school. A balanced meal for kids includes protein, carbs, and fat. Aim to have some of each in their lunch box. A simple combination like a meat stick, cheese stick, and crackers covers all the bases!

Keep it simple

Pinterest has moms believing that everyone is sending lunch boxes full of themed foods and fun shaped fruits and veggies. These types of meals are so cute and can bring joy to your kids. If it’s your thing, go for it! But if that style of lunch makes you feel overwhelmed or inadequate because your sandwiches don’t cut just right, then don’t stress it! Kids don’t really care if their lunch is as fun and festive as their friends.

It’s OK to do repeat lunches

Kids also don’t care if they eat the same things over and over again. At home your child probably eats the same lunch most days so why would it be different at school? It really is OK to send the same few lunches or even the exact same lunch every day if that makes your kid happy and keeps you from stressing the little things. Your child might prefer the consistency and knowing exactly what to expect for lunch each day.

Use easy open containers

If your child is young or new to opening their own packages and containers, be aware that they might not have help to open these things at school. You can practice with them at home to make sure they are capable, or you can open food packages when making their lunch and put the food directly in to a container or Bento-style lunch box.

Watch out for messy snacks

School lunch time can be short and rushed. Children might not have time or presence of mind to wash their hands and face after lunch. Because of this, you should send snacks and meals that are not likely to create a mess. Stay away from sauces, soups, or sticky treats. If you do decide to send something to dip like hummus or dressing, make sure it is contained in a smaller container that can be resealed.

Don’t forget the treats

We all want our kids to be healthy and eat well balanced meals. Joy is part of a balanced diet! Kids should look forward to lunch and be excited for what they are going to eat. Packing a fun treat like a chocolate or a favorite cookie will brighten your kid’s day.

Lunch doesn’t have to be complicated for your school aged kids. Keep it simple and enjoyable for yourself and your littles.

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