It’s FALL Y’ALL! I bet just like me you have a cute Fall Bucket List to do with your family or traditions you keep each year, but here are some things to do now to make those fun fall outings to the Pumpkin Patch, fair, festival, or even just the park a bit smoother!

Take Inventory!

If you are about to head to a Pumpkin Patch, the it is likely that the season has changed! Take this as a sign to do a quick inventory, clean out closets to sell, donate, and determine what you might need to invest in for the new season.

Dress for Success!

Chances are these are events you’re going to want to take pictures at so the night before or even a few days before take a minute and pick out your outfit and then the kid’s outfits. This way on the day of the event or activity you can focus on more important things!

When picking outfits think about things like are there play options for kids there? Am I okay with the outfits I’ve chosen getting a bit dirty? Will my kids be warm or cool enough? In North Carolina, our Fall days feel a bit more like Summer so I try to pick out Fall themed outfits that aren’t quite too warm! If you live in the North this might not be an issue, but planning ahead will help either way.

Think Logistics!

How will you and your littles get around? Will it be easier to take a stroller, carrier, or wagon? Trust me, when my first daughter was little, I found out the hard way that taking a stroller to a pumpkin patch is not the best option! Trying to wrangle little ones with a stroller and several pumpkins was just plain HARD! Now we roll to the patch with a wagon, which is the perfect solution for holding kids and pumpkins! If you’re going to the Fair your mode of transportation may be different, but thinking this out beforehand is optimal.

Do Your Homework!

Heard about a new patch down the street or a fun Fall Festival or Fair? Do a quick search the night before or even while you grab coffee on the morning of the event just to ensure you are prepared.

One year we headed to a Pumpkin Patch on a North Carolina faux Fall day that really felt like summer and the patch had the cutest splash pad. I was completely unprepared for this play option so my girls ended up riding home in soaking wet Fall outfits. Just a quick Google search the morning of would have helped me be more prepared by throwing swimsuits and towels in our bags for a quick change. Avoid mishaps like this one by being prepared about what will and won’t be at the patch, Fair, or festival!

Fall Car Essentials!

Having these items in the car already will help you be prepared for impromptu Fall fun and will give you a jump start to being safe this Winter too!

 Trust me these will handy wherever you are heading whether the patch, fair, festival or park:

  • Water bottles
  • Granola or Snack Bars
  • A blanket for keeping warm or picnics
  • Jackets for yourself and kids, you never know when it might get chilly
  • First aid kit
  • Extra diapers and wipes
  • $20 in cash, honestly you never know when you might need it for parking
  • Cell phone charger or portable charger, to make sure you capture the memories if your phone gets low

Avoid Hangry Kids!

Yes the patch may have snacks, but trust me your kids will always beg for the snacks when you’re in the middle of the field a long hayride away from the snack stand! It’s easy to pack some granola bars, apples, and water bottles to avoid a HANGRY meltdown in the field that is sure to ruin any cute photos! Speaking of which…

Pumpkins and Proof of Mom!

Make sure you get lots of pictures of your kiddos, but equally as important ask someone in the patch to capture a picture of the person behind the FUN, Mom and/or Dad! I love having pictures of my kids finding their perfect porch pumpkin each year, but it’s also so fun to get a picture of our whole crew to look back on how we have grown each year too!

Fall Into Fun!

Remember to have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff! Pumpkin patch and fall fun prep doesn’t have to be stressful especially when you take a bit of time to plan ahead.

Final Pro Tip, Mom and Dad grab yourself an extra cup of coffee either before or after the event because you’ve earned it!

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