When it comes time to decide on nursery furniture, it is important you think long term, and beyond just the cute aesthetic of that Instagram worthy room. Your little one will grow up and make countless memories in their space, so consider looking for furniture that works and grows with your family. The Graco Solano 5-in-1 Convertible Crib & Changer, not only can be used for many years to come, but it also crosses off the changing table from your list too.


It is 5-in-1

Let’s talk about the name of this piece, specifically the 5-in-1 part. For the price of one piece of furniture (and for the headache of building one piece of furniture) you really are getting 5 individual pieces of furniture in one. You have the crib and changing area for now, but this crib also converts to a toddler bed, daybed and then full size bed.

That’s four total uses for the bed, plus the changing table area turned additional attached storage for the fifth and final use of this one piece of furniture. The crib also adjusts to three different height options for you to reposition as your baby grows. If this crib is taken care of, it really can last your little one many years to come!

Perfect for Small Spaces

If you have a smaller room and are looking to have the least amount of bulky furniture as possible, this crib & changer is perfect. Complete with a standard size crib, compact changing table and storage both underneath the crib and attached to the changing area, this one piece of furniture does it all.  This crib & changer gives you the most bang for your buck, while taking up minimal space in your baby’s room!

Simple Design

Available in a variety of color options, including espresso and white, this simply designed crib is sure to match the style of your nursery (and any future baby nurseries too!) Built with simple lines, this piece will accent any aesthetic or style you are going for.

There is no intricate woodwork or elaborate design element that might make this piece only work with one particular sense of style, so this crib & changer look good anywhere. You don’t have to worry about ribbons or florals being embedded into the design, so the Graco Solano Crib & Changer is very gender neutral and works for your little one now and any future little ones to come.

Affordable Price Point

Considering all that is included, the crib, the changing table, the storage, the convertible option, this piece of furniture is priced at a very reasonable price point. Depending on where you buy this, the price can range anywhere from $330 to $380, but I have even seen it as low as $240 on Amazon or Walmart.

If that is still too steep for your budget, consider putting this item on your registry and a group of friends and family may choose to split the cost. As you start to prepare for your baby’s arrival, stores like BuyBuyBaby are always sending coupons – this might be a good item to use one of those coupons on!


Compact Changing Table

While the compact changing table is perfect for a small space, it does make it hard to find a changing pad that fits the compact nature of the changing table. Now, this does come with a thin changing pad, so the purchase of anything additional is completely optional.

However, if you do want a changing pad that is more comfortable, or looks better with the completed nursery, it is hard to come by. Not every company makes compact changing table pads or covers, so it does create a bit of a challenge on that end. I was able to find a compact changing pad here at BuyBuyBaby – the Compact 3-sided Contour Changing Pad by Colgate Mattress.

The compact nature of the changing table also means this particular changing area won’t last for years to come like the other aspects of this piece of furniture. Your baby will outgrow the changing area much faster than a standard changing table, but for some that isn’t a huge deal.

Many parents naturally end up changing their baby on the floor, couch, bed, or any flat surface that works at that particular moment. Also, once your little one is on the move it often is easier to change their diaper wherever they are as opposed to bringing them to the changing table. Again, might not be a deal breaker for you, but certainly worth the mention!

You Can Keep This For Years To Come

Sounds like a positive, right? Well it is, but there are some downsides to that as well. While yes, it can be used for many years, that also means you should stay organized and keep all parts and pieces together. If you plan on using this for a long time, it is worth keeping the manual and any additional screws and bolts, just in case. Along those same lines, your sense (or your child’s sense) of style may change as he/she grows, and that once perfect nursery crib may no longer work for a young child or pre-teen.

Not Necessarily a “One and Done” Purchase

This may be the only piece of furniture you choose to buy for your child, and he/she will sleep in it every day until they leave for college…awesome! However, as you convert the crib to a toddler bed, or a daybed to a full size bed, additional purchases are necessary.

You will need to purchase the toddler guardrails when the time comes, as well as the conversion kit to transform the convertible crib into a full size bed. While this option is still cheaper in the long run, as opposed to buying a new set of furniture every step of the way, it is still an additional investment you need to be prepared to make.

Overall, I think this crib is a great purchase! We have used it for our little one for almost two years now, and plan on using it as a toddler bed when the time comes. There are definitely things to consider when making a purchase like this, you need to weigh the individual pros and cons, and how they work in your family. Graco is a big name in the baby product game, so you know you are getting a quality crib, at an affordable price!

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