Baby clothes can be tricky…trying to figure out the perfect layette that works best for you and your baby, get them dressed easily without a fuss, needing to change outfits often…it can be stressful!

Here are a couple pros and cons as far as baby clothes go!


Here’s a major pro, the zippered onesie. My 3 month old is hot natured and seeing as how it’s summer, we don’t use them often now. But when he was a newborn we ONLY used these! Super quick, cozy and convenient these are a staple. Bonus if it’s a two-way zipper so you only have to unzip the bottom part when changing the diaper!

Here’s a Caden Lane fave!

Another pro with these, is when they’re all in one, with built in mittens and socks so baby can be sock free or covered. Whoever came up with this is a genius and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Bodysuits are perfect as well, being that they’re light like t-shirts but don’t ride up due to snaps on the bottom. And after using the zippered onesie I was on the fence about these due to the snaps, but 3 snaps isn’t bad at all. I now prefer my baby to live in these right now since it’s hot outside.

Rompers are adorable and practical too, basically a bodysuit but with shorts. I know some parents don’t care (me, my baby is lucky to be clothed haha) but some prefer their babies to appear fully dressed and not in pajamas or half dressed when out and about. To each their own! But Rompers are a good way to achieve both in my opinion. If you’re on the fence about rompers being too feminine, let me tell you they make really adorable boy rompers too.


Every parent knows what the first con I’m going to say is…dun dun dun the dreaded buttoned onesies. Or snaps, those are a little better but still such a pain in my opinion. There’s a good chance baby might have already soiled the clothing before you’re done securing the buttons! Ok ok that’s a bit extreme…but hey parent life isn’t for the faint of heart so why make life harder when you don’t have to?

Socks. And mittens. Need I say more? They rarely fit (especially as a newborn), fall off so easily and if they don’t fall off baby will make them fall off! Which is why I love the idea of them to be included in the all-in-one onesies, so easy and my baby never seemed to mind them.

All-in-onesie available here!

We all love a good big t-shirt. (I actually need to get some more for my baby) But the only reason I consider them a con would be because they don’t stay put and get bunched up in the car seat, which seams uncomfortable to me.

Hats can be wonderful too, baby permitting. A cold natured baby might LOVE the warmth a hat provides; mine runs hot and was never a fan as a newborn. I’ve heard this with bows and headbands as well. And of course, they fall off.

Lastly, collared shirts or onesies are a con in my opinion due to the lack of stretchiness when trying to dress the baby. Super cute yes, but difficult and maybe painful to put on for baby, yes to that as well.

Of course these are all my opinions! To each their own! Every baby and Mama is different and what works for some might not work for others and that’s always ok. Like I mentioned earlier, my baby is hot natured and he basically just lives in his diaper when at home. But I definitely can’t wait for him to wear his 4th of July romper…

What are your baby clothes pros and cons?

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